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Should I be worried about tetanus

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I fell and broke my nose in two places 3 days ago, at a state park. I had some pretty good lacerations, one of which they said was like a hole at the bridge of my nose, that required one stitch. As with any nose injury my nose bled profusely for quite awhile, including the cuts especially the one that they didn't stitch. They have me on antibiotics (which I am not happy about) for a total of 6 days. With all the bleeding I did, I wasn't really worried about it but now my overprotective mother has me worried too. We are a non-vaxing family but any input would be appreciated.
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Just get a tetanus booster. It is not a big deal. You are an adult and your body is strong. Tetnus sucks. It is very pain full, kills 1 in 10 people and can lead to sever disability.

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If you are in the US (and it sounds like it - in state park) but not sure - you can't just get a tetanus booster- it comes with a few other goodies in it!



You may want to post in vac section for more replies.


Personally- I don't see a need with all that bleeding and besides you would already be infected (which I highly doubt!!!!!!!) and the vac needs almost two weeks to build immunity. You don't even say that it was offered- was it?

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Thanks. Yes, I'm in the U.S. They asked me if I've had one in the last 10 yrs when they checked me into the ER and I told them no. I didn't think about it after that and the ER Dr. never brought it up.
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You do not need to worry with a wound like you described. 

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I'm so sorry you got hurt! It sounds really painful. greensad.gif

Not only would I not take a vaccine for this type of injury, I also wouldn't take an antibiotic.

And a tetanus booster is useless add well in this case. Sheesh.
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