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I am trying to open up my space some more and make things a little more cohesive and flowing as well as reduce the number of things I own. Things I have changed and I like:


1. I used to have a white jar with my utensils in it, next to the stove. I decluttered and now everything fits in the big drawer nicely. No more dirty items when I go to use them and it opens up space.


2. I place a fabric bin in the closet. This is for my DS's paperwork he brings home from school. I don't have time to sort it everyday. Unless it has to be dealt with immediatlely, it goes into the bin and then once a month, we go through it and either recylce, at it to my keep bin or hang it up.


3. I reframed my art work. I bought all the same picture frames and I made a wall with just the pics I love. 9 for the living room, 3 for the bedroom/bath. The opposite wall is balanced out with artwork purchased through charity events for a rescue organization I belong too. I should have grouped them together sooner.I bought really big black frames w/mats for the pictures. They look like artwork now and I am adoring this look.


This has allowed me rid myself of one jar and several beat up picture frames (seriously, some had been spackled and painted so many time, they were looking iff)