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Yes someone told me about adrenal exhaustion before.  When I researched it I had all the symptoms too.  I've always had very low BP too.  My DH is on meds for high BP and when we take ours together he always jokes we me that I'm barley alive. I have tried different products from Whole Foods and Frontier, but didn't see any difference.  Is that a certain brand? Where do you get it? 


You know I have never been to the chiro! I would like to start.  I hear they can help with stress? I just can't seem to get myself on track after all this sickness. Honestly I don't want to. I want to sit and watch TV all day and not think about or do anything. Funny b/c that is something I never do.  I just need a vacation, a break, something...


Starting to feel really prego.  My feet swelled the other day and I'm finding it really hard to sleep at night.  I get those ligament pains ever time I roll over and I've been getting them during the day, ones that last for like 20-30 of intense pain.  They have gotten worse with each baby- normal- great just great! 


My little one refuses to nap and is extremely impossible all day.  The last several days he has fallen asleep while we are out at 5-6pm then sleeps through dinner and bath and wakes up late hungry and screaming or early morning hungry and overly playful. 


So I am exhausted as usual, but at least we are not sick anymore! 

Hope your bunch is doing well too. 

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all i want to do is take a nap, but i've tried for an hour & cannot get my toddler to go to sleep!  she has entered her terrible twos early & does not like to cooperate.


i started going to a chiro because i was having trouble going into labor & getting my babies to come out vaginally.  we have a lot of chiros in this area that specialize in pre-natal care.  the ones i've gone to also supply supplements for health.  my chiro offered to sell me some of the adrenal medicine, but my midwife is poo-pooing the idea.  which just makes me cry.  i'm so desperate for a "cure" to being tired all the time!!  i was hoping this was it.  instead i'm supposed to eat right  (protein protein & more protein--less sugar less carbs(boo hoo)--& exercise--like i have time for that irked.gif


i've had low blood pressure all of my life, but i have also had intense stress all of my life.  so it makes sense to me that it would have taken some toll on my body (& on my mind.)  right now i'm so insanely stressed that i worry i will somehow die from it.  worrying i won't be enough of a mother for four babies.  worrying about how i am going to support my family & stay true to my ideals.  & of course my relationship is a bottomless pit of stress.  we've been fighting all week.  he said to me, "i've had to deal with this four time."  "deal with what?" i asked.  "you, when you're pregnant," he told me.

but when i said i wanted to move out & live separately, he started being super nice to me.  which makes it hard for me to follow through, of course--& i really don't want to hurt him.

when things are good--i feel trapped; when things are bad; i feel tortured. 

my life is just stupid right now.

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I told my little man he can't do anything until he takes a nap. No playing on iPad, no playing in sand box... He is laying in his bed whining and keeps getting out sneaking to see me saying "me took my nap mommy"  Funny- but not so funny. Yesterday (we go and walk around a lake every evening) he took off on his scooter.  He always tries to race ahead of his sister but he didn't stop.  I was screaming for him! Then I had to take off running as fast as could to catch him! Like 1/4 mile or more! I peed myself running and screaming after him- oh the stress! 


I'm all concerned about my diet too. At my next appt. it will be the main topic of discussion.  I don't eat anything bad but I certainly feel like I'm not eating healthy either. I'm in this weird place.  I have no motivation or desire to do anything. Stress, depression...I don't know.  I have no appetite for anything and cooking is horrible.  I've had lots of swelling lately and am concerned about that.  I don't think I have gained any weight yet either.  I'm just not eating.  I know it's bad but again I've go no motivation. 


Yup low bp all my life and temperature too. Always like 97.2.  I took my temp when sick and it was 96.4.  I'm stinking hypodermic. My mw said it was b/c my blood volume was doubling.  I wish you lived closer to me. We share many things.  I've had a crap life too.  On all my other posts on here people say I'm to negative and aren't willing to change things in my life to make it better. Maybe so? They say I just want others to sympathize with me instead of moving myself to a better place. True. Maybe I could move to a better place while helping someone in the same situation move to a better place with me. But for right now everyone that throws ideas at me- I immediately shut them down b/c I don't feel like they understand where I'm coming from. 


I've had crazy things happen to me from the stress and have worried it will kill me too. Everywhere you read it is bad, REALLY bad for you living with chronic stress. I wish your man wasn't such a poop head.  Sorry if it's stepping over the line and you love and care about him.  I learned my lesson with ex. He was dreamy and I lusted after him. Changing who I was and putting up with way to much crap thinking I LOVED him. We had custody of his son who I raised from 6mons-2yo.  The man abused me mentally, physically, took my money, stole my soul then dumped me.  I got in my car and moved 1,500 miles away.  Started my life over. Didn't know anyone, didn't have any money. But I made it!!! You have all these babies with him which makes things really tough!! I wish I knew you years ago and could of steered you away from his blue eyes, but it is what it is.  


In one of the books I was reading he talks a lot about self compassion.  NO ONE  in this world is every going to care for you as much as you care for yourself.  (Stay with me I don't have a lot of compassion for myself either) Meaning no one else can feel your pain and no one else can make it better but you.  You got to take care of yourself first! You have got to take care of yourself so you can take care of your babies.  (funny I'm saying this b/c I struggle just like you) It's a tough tough situation your in, and easy for me to say do these things. But I totally get living it is a whole nother story.  


You can send me private message or emails. Don't even know how that works? I never had a online friend before, but we can share in each others misery without the rest of world knowing how screw up we are. LOL - it's funny, but not so funny

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i'm going to send you an email--of course i have a toddler in my lap who loves to wreak havoc so it might be a short one.

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