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Do you use the weekend for fun or for cleaning?

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Now that I have a newborn in the mix with a 2-year-old, a teenage-like husband, and zero energy, I'm finding it more difficult to stay on top of things. Sometimes, my husband will help but he's home late and on his days off, he prefers to "do absolutely nothing." But the weekend is just about my only golden opportunity to catch up on stuff! It's actually more work for me though, it seems. Can that be said for your weekends too?


When is your best time to clean or organize? Any tips to stay on top of cloth diaper laundry, laundry-laundry, dishes, clipping coupons, grocery lists, and so on and so on! Haha!
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Laundry: Make it your aim to get one load done daily or every second day.


Dishes: Wash the dishes straight after you've finished using them.


Grocery lists: Once weekly and do with couponing.

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I'll be in your shoes in July and I've started making changes now to hopefully establish better routines by the time #2 arrives. I'll preface this by saying that I was an appalling housekeeper until very recently and frequently felt overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. What helped ENORMOUSLY was to set a week aside and ruthlessly declutter the living/dining kitchen areas. My DH had a week off work to help me and my mom booked time off too so she could watch my two year old most days. My best tip in the kitchen is to pare down your dishes. We used to have enough china for 20 people and would keep using them until they ran out and they would pile up big time! We were also stingy with running the dishwasher ("it can fit two more bowls and a cup so let's wait until it's full"). Now we cut down to 8 plates/bowls, etc and at the very least run the dishwasher every other day or we can't eat lol. Another tip I read that works great for me is to always keep your sink empty and clean. The only exception I've made to this lately is if I need to leave something to soak overnight but that is an occasional thing. This way I'm off to a fresh start each morning and I'm not depressed by yesterday's dirties right away.
For groceries, I have an app on my phone (or just use the note pad built in) and write things in as soon as they run out. Then when I need to get out of the house a bit, I walk two blocks with DD and do a light grocery run (hitting every puddle on the way of course lol). I know with two it will be more difficult but that's why I'm practicing now smile.gif
I don't clip coupons but the nearby grocery store has a price match policy so each Sunday afternoon (or Monday) I look through the flyers and circle everything of interest. Then I just go to the one store but get the best prices in the whole city.
Cloth diapers I pop in the washer when DD goes down for her nap and toss in the dryer when she starts to wake - or before if I remember. Other laundry is still a challenge but I suspect once we pare down clothes too, it will be easier, like the dishes.
This is what I got so far. I'm still a work in progress wink1.gif
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