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Weekly Chat 3/18-3/24

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Hey ladies! I hope it's okay I started a new chat, not trying to step on any toes! winky.gif  How is everyone doing?  Do you have any plans for this week?


Hmm let's see a weekly question.....


For BTDT mama's what is your favorite and least favorite part of pregnancy?


For FT mama's what do you anticipate will be your favorite and least favorite part?

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I'm a first timer, and so far I'm loving being pregnant smile.gif I'm just trying to take it all in stride and be grateful. I think my favorite part will be watching my belly grow, and feeling the baby move. My least favorite would probably be stretch marks if I get them.

I'm 11 weeks today!! Woohoo! Morning sickness has tapered off somewhat, just comes and goes randomly now, and is mostly just nausea not vomiting. I can't wait for my next appt on the 26th, when we'll hear the heartbeat for the first time, then for our first ultrasound on the 28th!!
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Favourite part about being pregnant...playing with baby feet. Having that nice round belly feeling.
Eating everything. Being able to make dad get anything. My boobs. I'm a dd to begin with but there's nothing nicer than boobs ready to breastfeed.

Least favourite - the 3rd trimester pee fest. Like all that urgency and practically zero pee. The sleep disturbances. This list will grow wink1.gif

AFM (what does AFM stand for?)
Its my birthday. Waiting on my mw who is one of my bffs she's bringing her doppler for my present so maybe I get to hear the beans heart! I got some ligament pain but I did have a groin pull and a few prolapses...
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Happy birthday, Shiloh! Hope you get to hear the heartbeat! I've been having ligament pain as well. Oh, and AFM means as for me smile.gif
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Happy birthday, Shiloh!
What my favorite and least favorite has been different for dofferent pregnancies. I would ay my least favorite part of this pregnancy thus far has been the worry of miscarrying (though the epic morning sickness follows closely). My favorite part thus far has been the excitement my youngest child has shown (which may bite me in the butt later if I miscarry, but since I have to bring him to my prenatals, there was no way of hiding it).
AFM: Nausea got better yesterday and has stayed better today, thoughI had a horrid headache all weekend. Today, I am feeling pretty good, and trying to trust that all is well, since morning sickness ended pretty early with my first two kids. I will be 10 weeks on Wednesday.
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Happy Birthday Shiloh!


let's see...  i think my favorite part last time around was feeling the movement.  I remember how magical that felt.  Even in my 3rd trimester when he was crammed in there and kicking my ribs I still loved it!  Least favorite would be the hemorrhoids at the end.  I'm really really not looking forward to that. It was awful and made me feel like an old man.  Sorry if that was TMI but it's the truth.  I don't plan on having any more kids after this one so I'm really looking forward to enjoying my round belly this summer!


My morning sickness actually seems to be letting up a bit. It still catches up with me periodically if I get cocky and ahead of myself but in general I feel pretty good.  Yesterday I realized that my appetite was coming back a bit.  The only down side to morning sickness leaving is that now I have no excuse to not start my intended pregnancy diet. I kind of made a deal with myself to get through the first trimester however I could but after that it is low sugar/low dairy for me til the end.  I'm hoping this baby is smaller or at least not bigger than my first (9lbs 12oz) so I need to stay on target. So, even though I made a really lovely strawberry cake last night, I might not be allowed to eat much of it. 

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First timer here, so I have no previous pregnancies to compare to. So far there's really nothing I am liking about pregnancy. I used to be judgey about women who said they hated being pregnant, thinking how could you hate it?! You must just have wacky body issues! Oh, hi, I get it now, and I feel like a d-bag for thinking that way. I am HOPING I will enjoy the second trimester when I start to round out and hopefully get some energy back. I assume I will enjoy feeling the baby kick. But yeah, pregnancy so far, from the gas to the constipation, to the nausea, to the vomiting, to the fatigue...so not fun at all.


Happy birthday Shiloh!

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Ciga - I've always wondered how much diet plays a role in baby size. My first was 9lbs. My second was a little less than 9 lbs, despite that I exercised way more with number one (since I didn't have the demands of another child) and was vegan. My mother had big babies, too. (I was a twin preemie and still weighed 6lbs at birth, and my younger brother weighed 10lbs.)
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Originally Posted by revolting View Post

Ciga - I've always wondered how much diet plays a role in baby size. My first was 9lbs. My second was a little less than 9 lbs, despite that I exercised way more with number one (since I didn't have the demands of another child) and was vegan. My mother had big babies, too. (I was a twin preemie and still weighed 6lbs at birth, and my younger brother weighed 10lbs.)

 That's something I've been thinking about a lot.  My husband is a large guy. Like a lumberjack sized man and he was about 9lbs at birth (all the babies on his side are big). I was around 7lbs so I wasn't super tiny either. I know that a lot of this is just genetic.  I feel pretty confident that I will have another big baby but I also know that the difficulty of my last labor/birth had a large amount to do with DSs asynclitic presentation which may have been a result of him being big for me.  So, I'm mostly concerned about having the next one be even bigger.  I remember my diet during the last pregnancy being largely based on cookies, chips, and cheese (much of which was consumed during my hour commute to school) and I gained nearly 60lbs.  Other than weekly yoga I wasn't exercising very much and I felt it. I mostly just want to make a bigger effort to eat right and take better care of myself.  I've also learned that sugar and dairy have been shown to produce dimensionally larger babies and I honestly don't need so much of either in my diet anyway.  I figure even if I have another huge baby, at least my body will feel better by the end of this one and maybe my body being in better shape will help me recover faster.  We'll see.

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We both think we heard it twice for about 3 seconds I'm still 8 1/2 - 9 weeks.
Couldn't keep it in one place though!
Very cool.
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How exciting Shiloh!
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Happy Birthday Shiloh! Guess what, it's my birthday too! smile.gif


I had a scare myself night, after work I noticed some pink-tinged discharge. I had been hurting but just thought it was back pain/gas pain. I'm still not sure if that wasn't what it was. Anyway, they did an abdominal ultrasound, and of course the baby was so small they couldn't see much, but they did find a fetal pole and a heartbeat. They couldn't give me a heart rate or anything. It was just a regular ultrasound machine, not one specifically for pregnant women. DP got all upset, and insisted on coming up there ... I think he thought they were keeping me. Lots of drama, and I didn't get to bed until 1 am or so. The hospital where I work is over an hour's drive from where I live. Everyone was really nice though, and gave me the VIP treatment, which I really wasn't expecting. They also told me I have a UTI and gave me a prescription for Keflex. I am disinclined to have it filled, since I'm not really having any symptoms of a UTI. Maybe I'll give it a couple of days on cranberry juice and have it checked again when I go back to the DR. Looks like I will be finding an OB soon. They drew a quant. HCG last night but I didn't get the results. They said they would send them to my OB and it would be up to him/her to follow-up on my levels. 


Has anyone heard of a uti causing vaginal bleeding? 

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Urethra is so close. I guess
Happy Birthday!
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My favorite part was having my little one moving inside and being safe and pretty hassle free ;) Getting spoiled by my fiance was nice too hehe

Lease favorite was at the end when I would leak pee all the time. I felt so ugly and gross.


We found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago but we had to go through the process of getting medicaid and picking a place that took medicaid. Finally got my plan confirmed so I was able to call my birth center and make an appointment today. And it's Wednesday! So happy to finally have it sorted out.

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Just noticed the new chat thread. Happy birthday Shiloh and Serenyd I hope you both had lovely days.

My favourite part of being pregnant is feel the precious little bub respond to my touch, kicking or pushing back its so special.

my least favourite parts are not being able to sleep on my belly and having to use the bathroom every 25mins. lol.gif

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My favorite part, by far, is feeling the baby move.  I CANNOT wait to start feeling baby . . . and yes, even at the end when they are so strong and it almost hurts, I love that part so much.  I'll be so sad this is my last baby and to never feel that again!

Least?  Eh, right now I'm over the morning/all day sickness . . . ready to feel normal again.  I know it will probably be in the next couple weeks (I'm 12 weeks tomorrow!!!!) . . . trying not to complain too much since this was the easiest of my 3 pregnancies.  And yeah, the peeing at the end- feeling like you're going to explode and then nothing comes out?  So annoying!  I love those first "pees" after baby is born and it feels SO good to pee for so long :) hehehe! 


In other news, my parents come for a visit this week, can hardly wait!  They live in NY so we just see them 4 times a year, which is not enough.  So I'm planning to soak up every minute of extra help and the blessing it is to have them around. Love my parents :)  And our boys go home on spring break for a week, which will be so nice . . . a few of them are driving me nuts, ha!

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Happy birthday Shiloh & Serenyd! Hope you both had a fabulous day! How exciting to hear the little HB Shiloh orngbiggrin.gif

My favorite part about pregnancy. So difficult I LOVE being pregnant so there are so many! There's this amazing divinity about being bursting with life. I love growing round, playing games with baby, pictures of baby in belly that the bigger kids draw. Right now in the first trimester I find myself grateful to be able to draw a nice deep breath and sleep on my stomach! I love having boobs (which are missing when not pregnant or lactating). Heck I even like answering 'yesterday' or 'last week' when I get asked when I'm due at the very end of my pregnancies lol.gif I love taking prenatal yoga too. I love my wild labor rides and writing about them too!

Least favorite would without a doubt be the lower back pain greensad.gif I'm very grateful right now to be horizontal in bed.

I've also had two bigger babies and one more avg. sized one. I think the birth of my 9lb 12oz dd was easier than my 7lb 11oz dd even though the labors were nearly IDENTICAL in duration, having started with SROM etc...

Hubby is leaving the country this week for work and I'm a little anxious to be solo because he's such a rockin' help. Wish me luck!
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Good morning ladies! I hope everyone has a good day.  Mine started off with drama from my mom (that's how it ended yesterday too) but that's a different story and a long one at at that...


Anyway my favorite part of pregnancy is hard to pinpoint, I am really hoping to enjoy this pregnancy and really cherish it, if that makes sense.  I can't wait to feel this little one move, and I am even trying to embrace m/s and trying to think of it as a sign that things are going right in there.  The one thing I would say is my least favorite though is waking up in the middle of the night to pee, over and over again.  I need sleep!

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I am sooo antsy for my first appointment on Thursday.  For some reason, even though I took countless pregnancy tests, haven't had a period in nearly 11 weeks, can't run up the stairs because my boobs are so sore, and have been totally exhausted and nauseated for the past 6 weeks  I still need to hear that heartbeat to prove to myself that I'm actually pregnant.  I remember feeling the same way in my first pregnancy.  When my midwife examined me and then we heard the heartbeat I finally felt like it wasn't all a figment of my imagination.


We are at the beginning of another "winter storm" up here in in Maine.  Looks like we're in for more than a foot of snow. Spring pretended like it was here for about a week and then disappeared back behind below freezing temperatures.  Awesome!  I can't tell you guys how sick I am of splitting firewood and getting up in the middle of the night to feed the wood stove. I am so over it and so thankful that when I'm really big pregnant I won't have to think about it at all.

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Ciga, I completely know how you feel about needing to hear the heartbeat!! It's driving me crazy that I won't hear it for the first time until my 12week appt next Tuesday!!
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