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Yesterday was crazy over here.  Even though we homeschool Dd and plan to for at least the next few years I went ahead and put her in pre-k at the school I am student teaching at yesterday.  She does not need it academically, but she does want to be around other kids.  In Hawaii that's a lot easier to do while homeschooling because I am home all day and we go and do things with our co-op, here it isn't nearly as easy because she was home with my grandma all day.  Academically she is way above where the other kids are at, but she is having fun and loving it so I think I made the right decision.  Plus, I like having her near.

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Really lovely to hear your daughter is enjoying pre-k John16, my son didn't "need" to go to kindergarten either but he absolutely thrived there the social aspect was just at a level I couldn't provide. 


Had a slightly unproductive day here, my cousin is pregnant with twins and had her scan today, cute little bubs growing well, and another friend is 19weeks pregnant with her third child and just found out today it's a wee boy, she already has two daughters so is over the moon. I have to say even though I only have one more sleep until my scan I'm rather jealous, I want to see my baby NOW! And know what he or she is! Patience was not a gift I was blessed with.

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LOL I know all about unproductive days atm! 

Went to the doctor today (for nearly 3 hours!) - my feet and legs have swollen to the point I can't wear shoes and ankles are completely gone.. turns out I have really high blood pressure so have to wait til tomorrow for the blood test results.  May have to head to the hospital for a bit.  Just in time for Easter! 


Fingers crossed I can deal with this without a hospital stay and hopefully drug free.  Am more concerned with being put on blood pressure tablets than anything else really.  Anybody with any experience with this? 

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Thanks Danielle, we still will homeschool in Hawaii since she will have that socialization through her co-ops but she just wasn't getting it here in Texas.  She loves school still and yesterday she was so excited she wanted to get ready when I got up.

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