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opinions on middle name

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We think we are going to name our baby girl Elena (we think).


However, DH and I are going back and forth on a MIDDLE name. I'd love your opinions!


I love the name Sofia, spelled that way, but it is so common that I don't want it for a first name, so naturally it was my choice for a middle name.  Elena Sofia.


DH and I also initially liked Lucia and that was what we thought her name would be for a while, but I just don't think I love it. DH says he doesn't care but I can tell he is very partial to Lucia and even sent me a song in Spanish about a woman with that name and he said he will always think of our girl this way. And since our DS's middle name is after my grandfather, I feel like he should probably have a turn. So, it would be Elena Lucia.


Our last name is long (4 syllables) and very Spanish.


Just want to see what people think so I can make up my mind and be done with it before she shows up! (due April 1).

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I'd go with Lucia.


I'm compromising on middle names too, we're doing two - which is usually not something I'd want to do, because DH really wants to use his little brother's name (they're very close, best friends, he even lives with us) but *I* want to use my grandfather's name. So, two middle names it is. It doesn't flow as well as I'd like, but since it's not like he'll be going around using his full name constantly, I can live with it...especially since it's so important to DP.


So if you can live with Lucia, even though you personally prefer Sofia, than I'd let him have Lucia, since it seems like it's more important to him than it is to you.

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I vote for Lucia also! I love that your DH sent you a song like that; so sweet! If I had an inkling that my DH preferred one name over another I think I would probably go with his choice unless it was just something I absolutely hated/couldn't adjust to, lol.

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I agree Lucia is beautiful!!! And I love that your DH sent you a song! That's so sweet! When we were choosing this baby's name we decided fairly quickly on her first name (Mira) but the middle took a while... The only thing we knew is that it had to start with a "K" well my DH top pick was Kathryn. (After his mum) my fav was Kate. I didn't care for Kathryn cuz it was too traditional to me, and he didn't like Kate cuz he thought it too plain. So when Klaire came up, we both loved it! It was really important to me that he be just as excited abt her name. Ad now we couldn't imagine her being anything but Mira Klaire smile.gif
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I like both, but if you aren't as in love with Sofia as DH is with Lucia, I think I'd give it to him to pick smile.gif
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Thanks everyone!  I think I just needed to settle it in my mind with some outside feedback so that I could make a final decision and move on.  We'll go with Elena Lucia :)  We even have my 2 year-old saying it now even though we're not announcing her name IRL until after she's born.  It is funny how first names can be decided upon quickly but middle names can be the challenging ones...

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I think Sofia is pretty, but I may be partial (My DD is a Sophia), but it sounds like your DH is really in love with Lucia, so if you could be okay with that name, I would probably go with that.

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