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Is this an evap line or positive?

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Hello I am 7 days late on my period and I have taken many diff test since last Monday. I took two accu clear brand and I got very very very faint lines within time frame. So I took a test this morning with a dollar tree test and I didn't see a line but I checked it after ten min mark cuz I was haut curious and yes I know nt suppose to but it had a faint line, I have sore boobs really sore and smells are very strong to me now and I have had bad headaches everyday since last week and I have had diareah sorry tmi, could I be pregnant one time about 4 days before I was suppose to ovulate me and hubby had sex where didn't pull out and the rest we pull out, thanks
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Bumping up for more input!

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all you can do is take another test. It should be accurate by now unless you ovulated super late.

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I had the same thing happen and I was pg. I just retested after a few days and the next test I took came back positive in the 3 minutes.
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If you had two tests with faint lines within the time frame you are most probably pregnant. Test again with a good brand like first response.
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Well I started bleeding Monday very lightly at first and mostly brown and it has not got he t at all but not too light to wear nothing I still wear a pad but its not normal no cramps ir anything could I have miscarried?
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It depends. It might be implantation bleeding. Did you test again?
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No I haven't. I am going to today though cuz I'm just so confused in why I would get positives three diff times then start bleeding
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If the blood is brown or like a very light period, there is a good chance you are pregnant and just having some implantation bleeding, which is very normal. If the bleeding is heavy with clots, then you could be having a very early miscarriage. This happens to MANY, MANY women. Many of them had no idea they were pregnant.

The early detection tests are wonderful because we can know very early if we are expecting. But there is also the unfortunate reality that many pregnancies that would have previously (before we had these very sensitive tests) just gone unknown due to early miscarriage are now known. This can be a painful experience.

However, we don't really know if that is what is happening to you! Stay well and test again if the bleeding stops or stays very light. It is a good possibility everything could be fine!
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Sorry, I just reread your OP and saw that you are pretty late on your period, so the early detection thing may not be valid for you. Still, if the bleeding is not heavy you may be fine. Good luck!
Hugs <3
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Well I Thot it was going away cuz it lightened it to pink and very light now it's bright red but no deep color like normal period but its not too light it's not too heavy either but I just don't think it's my normal period even tho its lasting more than a cpl days like a period it aint super heavy like maybe 3 small pads a day maybe so I think I'm just gonna wait til I stop bleeding and take a test to just see cuz with all my periods since I got the Mirena out in October of 2012 I have awful cramps throughout whole period and I hve not had a single cramp so it's unusual for me
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Good luck!!!
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Okay well I decided to take another test this morning. I stopped bleeding on Thursday last week. And a line showed up to show it was working and immediately a faint a very faint line showed up the line that goes up and down immediately am I pregnant? It's very light still but it showed up as soon as the other lines did. So confused
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You need to read the instructions that come with the pregnancy test. It will probably have a picture of what a positive test should look like. Nomatter how faint the line is, if the test says, for example, that two lines mean positive then you are pregnant. What brand of test did you use?
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It was purexell or something from dollar general it was blue dye but immediately a line appeared up and down very thin faint and all the other test had faint lines before I started bleeding could they all be Evaps? I'm gonna get a pink dye test today and take to see
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It's not an evaporation line if it appeared immediately or within the time frame given in the instructions. You need to read the instructions and make sure you check it right at the time frame given. If it shows a positive, it doesn't matter how faint the line is, it still means you are pregnant. But you have to read and follow the instructions.
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I did it said read at 2 mins that's when I looked at it and it was there
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My hubby don't see it but I do I took a picture if it
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Without knowing what test it is, it sure does sound like you're pregnant. You could go and get the Clearblue Digital test. It will say "pregnant" or "not pregnant". You can't really get confused with that one! The dollar store tests are pretty weak compared to that one. Even if it says "not pregnant" and you still don't get a regular period, you can wait a week and test again or better yet go get a blood test. :-)
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Well I went and got a ept test and a answer test. Ept is blue and te answer test is pink. I took both at same time by dippin in to cup I used. The blue dyeing has a slight line again and te pink one no line. So is it an evap again? I mean can I be getting an evaporation line on every blue dye test I take? I have not for an evap line and when I took one with my first pregnancy it was a blue dye test and it was dark line and I tested before my period I'm now two weeks past when I was suppose to start and then had that bleeding. Just need advice I think i might go to health dept tho to be sure
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