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Introducing Myself

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Hello All!! My name is Jillian, I live in the Crofton, Gambrills area of Maryland. I am mom to my seven year old son.

My husband is no longer with us, he passed two years ago while in Iraq. I'm so gald to be among open minded parents like you all. I would say my Mothering began when Jamie was born and I chose to nurse him. He weened at the age of four. I know many people frown about nursing a child for that long, and probably some on these boards are against extended nursing also. I hope I have not offened anyone. Both Jamie and I had a very close nursing relationship. After his father passed, I thought the closeness that Jamie needed at the time, nursing helped. Thank you.



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Welcome Jillian! Glad to have you here. smile.gif

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welcome Jillian!

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Welcome Jillian! And I doubt you could possibly offend anyone here with extended BF -- lots of us do it! Kudos to you for trusting your instincts and your nursing relationships at what must have been a terribly difficult time. I hope you and Jamie have been able to find comfort in your husband's memory, and that you're both doing well.

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Hi Jillian, nice to meet you.My condolences on your loss and may your husband RIP. Breastfeeding is beautiful. I miss that bonding time with my ds. He weaned at 2 when I was 3 months pregnant with my dd. My dd is now nursing 3 months strong and already doubled her birth weight..
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