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Silas' Birth Story

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i want to take a quick minute to share my birth story, as I enjoyed so much reading others when I was close to birth. I was 41 weeks + 1 day. I was sooo ready! And trying sooo hard to be patient and not get myself over tired. March 11th, I took a walk in the morning. I was irritable and my dh turned back for home as we were slightly arguing. That was ok, as I really needed some alone time. I found a sweet, quiet spot in the woods and did a little mediation. It helped so much to calm my mind down and relax my body. 


The day went on as usual and fortunately my dh took our 3 yo most of the day. i had a lot of time to rest and stay centered. in the evening we went to a potluck and had a lot of nourishing food. that felt great. we got home at 8pm. dh worked on putting our 3 yo to sleep, a long process :) 


I watched a little "call the midwife" on netflix and knitted. At 9:30 I began some contrax. I had been having mild contrax literally for 2 weeks so I just observed. But i quickly felt this is different. After 3 of them in 10 minutes. I let dh know I was calling our friends to pick up our dd for a sleep over. This was it! he wasn't sure, as I had been having contrax so much. But once our friends were on their way, he got it. i called the midwives. and told them i'd call back in 30 minutes with update. everything was moving quick. I had a strong sense i needed to get everything lined up quickly before really active labor set in. 


by 30 minutes later, the birth tub was filled and I was having contrax every 2.5 minutes for 30 sec each. they were slowly mounting. the midwives showed up by 10:45pm or so. no chance for an internal check as my contrax were coming on so quickly. they listened to heart tones 2x and that was it. i sat on a yoga ball for each contrax and kissed my husband. wow. it totally helped. i had read about this but didnt' try it last labor (which was 7 hr long total.) i kept telling him to be sensual with me. now the contrax were once a minute and coming on so quick. it was intense, but channeling the sensation into the kissing and touching felt so good and eased the pain a lot. sometimes i would moan also or make a deep droning sound. it was painful, but just more pleasant if that makes sense. 


the midwives were terrific. very present, but not intervening at all. and offering affirmations and support whenever it was appropriate. i didn't feel judged or uneasy in anyway. i expressed my fear also and it felt good to just say it and let it flow through me. 


transition came. i threw up. i got the shakes. i knew where i was and that felt good. my water broke on the ball. that was scary. wow, what do i do now. i knew i was so close, but doubting myself a bit too at this point. my midwife guided me to get down on hands and knees. more than pushing i "allowed" the baby to come out. that was very intense!!!! i really didn't effort it, as much as I let go and surrendered and let my body take over. i wailed, but not to loud or high pitched. dh said, "you're opening" "you're gonna get huge." and he stayed so present and loving in his tone. it helped immensely. 


Silas was born. i was in shock for a few minutes. then we all cuddled and admired this amazing babe. 7 lb 15 oz. 20" long. I am a very petite woman so I was surprised he weighed so much. a minor 1st degree tear that we didn't sew up. 2.5 hours of labor and delivery! 

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Yay for you! Sounds like an incredible birth experience. Happy for you!

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Fast and fantastic! Welcome Silas! joy.gif

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Woe, what fantastic descriptions! Thanks!!!
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Wow, CalmCenter, sounds like a great experience! Congratulations on a happy birth! love.gif

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It sounds wonderful! I know you're all enjoying you sweet family this evening!
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Wonderful birth!! Great job mama!! Welcome, Silas.

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Another quick labor! Wow, so awesome, the kissing sounded very enjoyable, i might ask DH to participate in that too. Enjoy your little guy!
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Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
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Beautiful CalmCenter! Your labour sounds v similar to mine though in different settings. Silas was the second name on our list too, I love it but it didn't go so well with our surname. Thanks for sharing x
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Congrats mama, what a great birth!

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Thanks for the story!  It was beautiful!  :D  Congrats on your little bundle!

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Thanks for sharing, CalmCenter!  I just love reading these peaceful birth stories!!!  Congrats to you and your family.  Welcome Silas!

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Wow this is such a beautiful story! I love that you just allowed the baby to be born instead of pushing. I really hope to do that this time. Thanks so much for the inspirational story :)


Congratulations and many hugs :)

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