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New to NFP & Breastfeeding

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Hi mamas-
I gave birth to my son (first baby, fourth pregnancy) a little over two weeks ago. TMI-- My stitches come out tomorrow, bleeding is negligible, and hubby has an itch that only I can scratch. All 4 times I got pregnant, I was using some form of birth control. MC#1 was while I had the Mirena IUD, MC#2 happened while I was on the patch, MC#3 and DS#1 while using condoms and/or withdrawal w/ FAM (used rather loosely). Hubby and I both hate condoms, and since it seems that hormonal bc methods do nothing good for me (I get pregnant anyway, and lose my babies), we are thinking that when we resume dtd, we are going to use withdrawal and NFP/FAM. We know there's a chance we will end up conceiving #2, and we can live with that if it happens, but ideally, we'd like to wait a few years.
My question is this: how does NFP/FAM work while exclusively breastfeeding? If I am not cycling, how am I to know when I am fertile and when to abstain from sex? He's going to pull out every time, but how am I supposed to know when to let him down easy if I am not sure when/if I am ovulating?
I am sure this is a silly question, but like the title says, I am new to all of this. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!
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Welcome to Mothering! smile.gif

I'm going to bump this thread in the hopes that you'll get an answer. Does anyone have an answer for this mom?
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It's tricky because you will become fertile before your first cycle so it is possible to get pregnant without ever having your period. I mostly assumed I was not fertile but knew in the back of my head that I might be. I did not temp or chart so I do not know how accurate that is while breastfeeding - I assume it is very accurate I just don't know how it works exactly.
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check out the charting to avoid thread.  it's been pretty dead, but that's where many of us lurk.


i have 5 LO's, 7 pregnancies, and can commiserate on the hormonal forms not working.  that said, breastfeeding and NFP/ charting can be challenging.


What NFP method are you using?  Have you read TCOYF?  Temperature didn't work for me while breastfeeding b/c (shockingly) i didn't always have a 3 hour stretch to check my temp at relatively the same time every morning.  that said, i exclusively breastfed for at least 6 months w/ all of mine, and my cycle came back at six months each time except for this one.  


I started using the Creighton Model b/c it is mucus only.  I spaced my last one w/ it and have been charting dedicatedly since 2 weeks after giving birth.  i love NFP while breastfeeding and can say works great if you're familiar w/ charting.  It's harder to learn charting while breastfeeding.  I became pregnant w/ numbers 3 and 4 while exclusively breastfeeding (4 i was tandem nursing DD1 and DD2, and still got pregnant) but it was after 6 months and my cycles had returned.  and i wasn't comfortable reading my signs.  i was using TCOYF but temps told me AFTER i ovulated, which was always too late.  


I would get a NFP class!  and then get used to reading your own body's signs.  you don't have to use W/D every time once you get your baseline.  and as you get used to reading your body, you get comfortable recognizing when you're safe and you get less panicked over possibly being fertile.  (still have those scares and sometimes it's hard to express)  also, practicing ways of being intimate w/out intercourse is the best way i've found to let my man down.  but i also show him my charts and explain why!  taking a class together could be beneficial to starting on this road.  


blessings and peace-

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