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Food to help STTN?

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I am looking for some ideas.... 


After many years of frequent night waking, I finally have figured out that when my 5 y.o. wakes and can't get back to sleep it is because she is hungry.  She doesn't feel hungry, though, so never asked for food and that is why I didn't know what was going on.  After years of being up for hours at a time, I figured it out and will keep a banana or other snack by her bed.  She still wakes me up rather than just eating it and going back to sleep, but I don't have to go downstairs to get the food at least.


But I'm looking for ideas of what to give her before bed that will last her through the night.  I encourage her to eat a big dinner.  I don't like to force food on her, though, or make her clean her plate.  I want her to be able to listen to her own body.  But I find myself really pushing the food simply because I want to get a good nights sleep.  I try to make sure she has complex carbs and good fats at dinner.  She goes to bed within an hour or so of dinner, but we still have a snack for her before bed (usually some dairy free yogurt or toast with nut butter and maple).  


It has gotten a lot better with these tricks, but we still have a night or two a week that she is up.  The worst is when she wakes an hour or two before her usually wake time because she often doesn't get back to sleep (which means I don't either).


I wonder if I set her up for this with all of those all-night-nursing sessions when she was a baby.  Now she just needs a really full belly to sleep.  lol.gif

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I suggest you keep a food-sleep diary. Look for trends. It could be that certain foods go through her system faster than others. Also, make sure she has good fluids with dinner. Mild dehydration can also prevent sleep. If you give her water, avoid tap water. It has chlorine which kills the helpful bacteria in the digestive system, leading to poor digestion, sometimes causing hunger.
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