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Prayers wanted please

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Baby Grayson is one week today and we love him so much. Unfortunately we are having a hard time and the latest problem is his umbilical cord stump is infected. First line of defense is a topical antibiotic and anti fungal ointment. If that doesn't help soon or it looks worse tomorrow then my midwives are referring me to our pediatrician. I was going to have him see our family doctor but suddenly I am thinking I need to find a pediatrician who might have more experience in this area. My midwives do not have experience with this sort of infection, nor did they know what to do with me when I dislocated my tail bone during birth.
The apprentice midwife mentioned he might need a ten day course of IV antibiotics?!
I am scared mamas, any input and/or prayers wanted please.
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You're in my thoughts, RainGardenMama. I hope you can get the answers you need from your midwife or pediatrician. I'm sorry that I don't have any input for you - I hope some other wise mamas can share relevant experiences and help to relieve your worries!!

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I don't have any experience either, but I'll be thinking of both of you!
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Sending hugs and healing thoughts your way mama, I think being seen by a pedi is a good idea. We had a bit of an infection with one of my older daughters when she was born (green, foul smelling discharge) but we just got really diligent about cleaning it with which hazel at every diaper change, not letting the diaper touch it, gave it plenty of air, and it dried out in a few days. Hugs.

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Good luck and prayers your way! I don't have experience with umbilical stump infections, but LOTS of experience with IV antibiotics, and I'd be really surprised if he did end up needing that right away. There are lots of oral antibiotics that are strong enough for most infections. Here's hoping it can be resolved quickly and easily!

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Oh no! I thought maybe Atlas had one, it was bloody crusty and stinky. But the dr said it was fine. However, it was gross, so I q-tip and alcohol-ed it a bunch, and then aimed the warm blow dryer at it a few times a day. It only took a couple days to clear up then.
I hope it is nothing!
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Poor baby! It took DS's ages to heal I recall, darn nappies irritate something awful.

I've since been planning to try tincture of calendula, myrrh essential oil and honey this time around and I also have some goldenseal powder. Air-drying and sunlight are also said to be helpful.
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Goldenseal powder is amazing!!  You only need a tiny bit and it stains everything but We notice a huge difference so quickly. Prayers for healing!!

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Prayers for you, RainGardenMama!  Sorry you are struggling. I hope you find answers soon.  hug2.gif

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I wish I knew an answer! Sending prayers your way, mama!


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Sending prayers to you and baby Grayson!  I hope it clears up soon!

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All my best wishes and healing thoughts to Baby Grayson. I'm sure the doctor (pediatrician sounds like it might be a good choice) will know what to do. hug.gif

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Thank you all so much. While waiting for the ointment prescription to be filled (it is only just now ready due to the original pharmacy being out of stock!) I decided to do betadine washes. It is improving rapidly! This AM looking way better than last night and even more so improved this afternoon. I am so happy and relieved and confused about how the midwife reacted.
Thank you for all of the positive healing energy and prayers! It is really truly remarkable how nice and healthy it is looking. Gratitude hugs all around!
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Great to hear RainGarden!!!!!!

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So glad to hear that!
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Great news! Hope it continues to improve.
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That is so awesome, raingardenmama!! joy.gif
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Hooray! May it all be healed up completely soon!

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