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Looking to try cloth diapering

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I used disposables for my son and when I think of the gigantic pile of his diapers still sitting there under the ground I start to grind my teeth. My daughter is now 6 months old and she is in desposible diapers. I have been wanting so badly to try cloth diapers, but I can't seem to get together the money up front. I almost had it this month but then the timing belt went on our car! Anyhow I was wondering what the cheapest and fastest way to get started would be. I have a sewing machine and I have looked up some patterns, but I have never held an actual cloth diaper in my hand to get a get for how they are made. Is there a diaper exchange or something like that online? How can I get my hands on some free diapers or cheep diapers. I know they will be cheaper in the long run but it's the short run that's got me stuck. Thanks.
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Contact Giving Diapers, Giving Hope. They lend cloth diapers to families who can not afford the start up cost of cloth. All you need to pay is the return shipping. Application is quite easy, all online, just make sure that everything is included. They use wic as their standard of need, so you can show a wic card, benefits letter, or lots of other things.

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My favourite diapers are Alva Baby pockets and they are also pretty cheap so I would recommend trying them. You can get just a few to start and add to your stash as finances permit. They have free shipping too, except for small orders it can take up to 2 weeks cause it's coming from China (when you're getting a bigger order they send it express, also for free). Here is the website: http://alvababy.com/


I would not get their wipes though, they seem too expensive to me. I just have plain one-layer flannel wipes that are folded and sewn on the edges, that is easy to do if you sew.


What kind of diapers were you looking at getting? Prefolds and covers are inexpensive also if that appeals to you.

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i just started CD a few months ago. so far i LOVE IT. like you i am on a tight budget but i had some babys r us gift cards and was able to try bumgenius pocket diapers, econobum diapers, flip covers with prefolds, and even flats with pull on nylon pants. i have been happy with every system i've used. for my new baby coming in august, i am getting about 2 dozen more unbleached birdseye flats and some newborn size NYLON dappi diaper covers. it is a CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP way to diaper and i havent had a single leak with this combo on my toddler. you will also need some diaper pins or a snappi fastener and you should watch some youtubes on how to fold flats. flats can be folded to fit any size baby and the dappi covers are cheap but indestructable.


i get my dappi pants at www.cottonbabies.com. they are 2 in a pack for $5. cant beat it. if you order from any other site make sure to get NYLON cause i have heard bad reviews about dappi vinyl pants.


for flats www.greenmountaindiapers.com has ones that are raved about but mine came from ebay, seller name practicalmomma. they came super fast, are great quality, and are the cheapest i've seen.


i also really like the econobum covers with prefolds. you can get a "try it" kit on www.cottonbabies.com for like $12.


also, if you can only afford covers, receiving blankets make great flats!!


HTH, good luck!

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Have you tried asking on Freecycle?  I know that I have a lot of cloth diapers left from when my children were in diapers, and my youngest is 9 now.  I really need to get rid of them, but I haven't really bothered because they are older ones, and I know people can be picky.  I figure if I ever find someone locally who is in bad need of diapers, I would give them to that person.  So just a thought, you never know who is holding onto what. 

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