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Worried about spotting episodes, uti, taking antibiotics

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I went to the ER last night for some pink-tinged spotting, and they found the hb and all that, but told me I have a uti. Not having a lot of uti symptoms, but I've been doing some reading and read some things about untreated uti's causing vaginal bleeding/miscarriages. I passed some bloody mucus after straining to have a BM today. Considering filling my prescription for Keflex, has anyone taken this at 10 weeks pregnant? Worried! 

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Take it. Pink is probably really nothing, especially if they didn't find a cause (sch, etc)in the uterus or bleeding. You got a hb, sounds as if baby is healthy measuring on time.

It takes very little blood to turn mucous pink. The cervix is sensitive, the pink today could have been if they did an internal us or exam?

Put your feet up.
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There's more. This morning and then fresh blood again this afternoon. It's really only when I wipe, it's not pooling in my underwear or anything, but it's more red than pink and mixed with mucus. 


I've never had any vaginal bleeding, ever, while pregnant before. I have a DR appointment for tomorrow afternoon. FX that baby is still kicking! 


I'm not sure if they could have seen a SCH on the U/S they used in the ER. It was a portable machine, and all you could see was a tiny, fuzzy blob. I've had an U/S at 10 weeks before, and I could see everything. Granted, that one was vaginal, and this one was abdominal, but even the 12 week abdominal one I had with my daughter was pretty clear.  

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Oh, I'm thinking of you Serenyd.  That sounds so scary and I hope your appointment tomorrow goes well.

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They can see a sch its a very dark spot. Ask where placenta is? If its close to cervix? I've also heard that placenta growth can cause bleeding.
I'm praying for you go back to ER if you feel anxious.
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I passed some darker blood and 2 small clots. I don't know what's going on, it's still small amounts, but it's freaking me out. Not really cramping but not comfortable either. I'm hyper-aware of every twinge. I've decided I'm not going back to the ER. Even if something happens tonight, I'll just wait and go to my OB appointment tomorrow. There's nothing they can do for me anyway. 

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I'm praying for you and your baby.
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Thanks Shiloh. stillheart.gif

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I know the panic you feel.
I know nothing I will say will take that away. Just know we're all here, praying for you and a crazyglue sticky baby.
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Hoping for the best. Hugs, mama.
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Hugs and prayers for healthy baby!

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Thinking of you Serenyd! I really hope things calm down and you get some reassurance from your appointment.

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