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TTCer on royal jelly/maca/EPO

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hi everyone, I'm 32 been TTC #1 for 3 months now. Started royal jelly last month, and added maca and evening primrose oil this cycle. am now on CD6.
my cycles are pretty regular and always O at same CD but this month I started royal jelly, things got weird and I spotted 3 days before AF and temps are unusually high.
hope TCCers with similar cocktail could shed some light smile.gif looking forward to reading you
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Is royal jelly the only thing you added that month?  If so, I might try stopping it and seeing what happens.  I always spotted before AF and taking royal jelly did not seem to have an effect on it for me.  I usually think of royal jelly as something that improves egg quality, I have not heard about its effects on progesterone.  Lower progesterone can be what causes spotting, but with your higher temps, that doesn't really make sense because high progesterone makes you warmer.  Are you taking folic acid?  That is good to take before you conceive.  Good luck!

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I've also been taking conceiving vits for 2 moths now (folic acid etc) actually the 1st month of royal jelly were the capsules type. I have now switched to the highly recomended YS organic royal jelly and bee pollen in honey (the paste form) I hope to see some results by the end of the month. one detail I want to add is that despite my spotting before AF, my period came one day later than my usual, lengthening my Luteal phase to 14 days. which should be a good thing ?! But at the same time you are right I feel my progesterone was lower because my temps didnt spike like they would usually do. thinking there was some kind of conflict there and hopefully needed that to balance my system out again. thanks PokeyAC !!
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Good luck!  A longer LP is definitley a good thing.  I changed my supplements around a lot when I was TTC.  I was hoping I would find that perfect combination, but it's so hard to know because you don't know how everything interacts.  I guess whatever I did the last time worked.

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