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So Many Babies Already! YAY! Who's left?

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Who's still pregnant? I have an idea from all the different threads, but it would be fun to check in and see for sure. orngbiggrin.gif I am! Today's my due date, so I still potentially have a couple weeks left.
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Long Sigh...I know I am not that overdue but it FEELS that way. 41 weeks tomorrow. 

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I'm not actually due until the 28th, but I am thinking this will likely end up being an early April baby. Am I gonna be the last one?

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Due on the 25th!

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I'm still gestating...unhappily so :(

I'm due on Friday. Been having on/off "contractions" for a week and a half now but they don't stick around. Hoping to have baby this week!!

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I'm still pregnant!  Due tomorrow!  :)   I have a strong feeling this baby is going to come sometime this week!  

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Also still pregnant! 40 + 3 now, and also in the "wasn't I supposed to have this baby a LONG TIME AGO" camp. Although I'm actually feeling more peace about it all now that I'm actually officially post-dates..... figuring out how to screen text messages on my phone was awesome. ;) That, plus I think I was enough of a meanie on my blog & facebook that people MOSTLY got the hint to stop pestering me! I really would love for this baby to come this week but have something of a feeling we might be in for the long game. If I haven't gone into labor by next Tuesday we're probably looking at induction. :( So I'm just planning on being pregnant til then... plus, knowing this little girl's personality, it would not at ALL surprise me if she was one of those babies who decides to come mere hours before a scheduled induction!

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39 weeks today. Also thinking an early April baby is in the cards. Little one seems quite content. Trying to decide if it might be easier to get through Easter before baby comes or risk a sweep before then.
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Originally Posted by mpvelaz View Post

I'm not actually due until the 28th, but I am thinking this will likely end up being an early April baby. Am I gonna be the last one?
Same here! I'm also due 3/28 and while I've had a few days where I've felt kind of labor-ish, I have a feeling it could be awhile.
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Oh man, am I the furthest along...really?? That would be depressing. This is my third baby. I was hoping for a perk, like say at least a few days earlier than last time. Anyone else due 3-13 or there-abouts?

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I'm 40+2 and happily still pregnant.

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oh writermama, it's your turn! goodvibes.gif

It's great to see people chiming in in one spot. We'll get there, ladies!
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Writemama!  I hope you are in labor right now!  :).  I also hope you will be next!   

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Writermama, I think that maybe I'm the next furthest? My EDD was 3/16. But it seems like there were one or two people in the over-40 thread further than I was also?

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Due on the 30th. Peacefully gestating, not in the least feeling birthy. Kind of complacent about the last few things yet to do on my list, I feel like I still have plenty of time.

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Well, my due date is tomorrow, so that definitely doesn't make me the furthest!  But I sure feel ready! DD was born a week early, so this is the most pregnant I've ever been.  I was in the November DDC but she was born at the end of October, so I was actually one of the first post-partum mamas in that DDC.  Feeling a little behind this time around!!!!

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Bena, DD was born at 37 weeks, and I was due August 4th, so she was the first baby in our DDC. I didn't experience ANY of the watching others give birth while I was pregnant. It's very different this time, and cool to witness others go through birth first. Seeing the baby pics and hearing the birth stories definitely builds the anticipation in a good way. But I'm starting to feel ready. This is also the longest I've ever been pregnant, but I"m very aware I could very well go another 1-2 weeks. Argh! lol...
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I'm still pregnant! Due on the 29th. I have NO idea when this baby will come. After all the contractions on Wednesday, I have been feeling far more pregnant, and less like the baby is going to stick around until April, which I was assuming it would before. On the other hand, definitely not a lot going on that suggests it'll come soon. The baby just dropped more yesterday, though. I feel like I don't know how it fits in my belly, because I have this assumption that it has to all fit into the space above the curve of my belly that I can see! But there's actually a lot more space below that that I forget about since I can't see it! lol.gif

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I'm still here!  EDD on Friday 3/22.  Three out of four of my other kids were born post EDD, so I wasn't really expecting to go before then, but hey, you never know, right?  Sigh.  Night before last I was having some nice intense contractions, down low, every 3-4 minutes, and wondered what was up with that.  Then yesterday, they continued, more cramps than contractions, but still, down low, and the baby has totally dropped.  As of last night, we're in the middle of a snow storm, so I cancelled work for today, and DP took the day off as well (he works two hours away, and we were both concerned about him being that far away in a raging storm).  So what happens?  We had a lovely evening.....went for a walk, had dinner with youngest DD (almost 15), we got cuddly last night, watch a movie, go to bed........I manage to sleep for 6 1/2 hours STRAIGHT without peeing or anything, only woke up because the school called at 5:30am to cancel!  So I texted DDs to let them know, then went back to sleep.  Managed to sleep until 8:45.  


NOTHING.  sigh.  I just went out and shoveled for a half hour with DP.  Normally he's all over me NOT picking up a shovel because we've got the older kids who can help and I don't "need to be shoveling when I'm pregnant!"  Well dammit I want this baby OUT!  Apparently so does he because he didn't try to talk me out of it.  He did, however, just (gently) shoo me back inside telling me that "you don't want to get overtired in case you do go into labor."  :P


Anyway.  DD just went out to do more shoveling.  We're BORED.  We were hoping to be cuddling a baby today!  :(  


But, the good news is that I feel great, no heartburn last night because the baby is so low, and I'm not tired at all.  Just BORED.  At least we have power.  Was imagining how much fun it would be to haul out the generator to fill up/heat/maintain the birth pool!  :O


Feeling DONE with work and the usual life and want to get on with having this baby in our arms!!!!  And yet, I keep trying to remember that I'll miss having this baby inside me as well, so I'm trying to savor every bit of it, you know?


And I'm not even overdue.  My last baby (DS, 12) was 11 days past EDD, so I could go another two weeks easily! :O the horrors.........


Much love to all of you who are also left!


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I am still preggo :) I do have a section scheduled for the 27th though.

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