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Dairy intolerance after amoxicillin-followed by norovius? healing??? help

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I am hoping for some ideas to help my poor guy out.  My son (age 3.5) had a horrrible ear infection in December, to the point of lethargy and fever - something he had never had in previous infections.  Dr decided to give him Amoxicillin for the first time.  My daughter reacts with welts to Amox, so we have steered clear until then.  He got what I guess would be a textbook case of "amoxicillin rash" on his torso near the end of the course, but it kicked the ear infections' butt.  


Fast forward to Jan/Feb, he has loose, not really diarreha, but not really formed poo.  Then, a few weeks later, he ends up with full blown 24 hour stomach bug of throwing up (Which he passed to me and sister... thanks!) and then had true uncontrollable diarreha of varying degrees for about 2 weeks.  Took him to Dr as he was complaining his ear hurt, and since he was stuffy as well, I took him in.  Also told Dr about the poo issues as they had not 100% resolved.  She claimed that norovirus/rotavirus/whatever tummy bug it was can cause dairy intolerance in small children for a while after.  I had never heard this before but went with it.   


Took him down to a really basic diet that excluded dairy, gluten, all acidic fruits and all juices, plenty of bananas and apples. Added a good probiotic.

After several days, it finally resolved.  We added back gluten, still fine.  Added "some" dairy (cheese mostly), still fine.


This wekeend was my daughter's birthday party.  We had queso dip and he was served regular ice cream - not dairy free - without even thinking about it.  Two days later he has an accident at school and today (day three) he has massive bad problems, back to not making it to the potty with horrifically stinky poo.  


Will his gut heal???

What can I do???


He was FINE with dairy before all of this. I am pulling him off any dairy and adding more bananas again.  I have a really hard time coming up with healthy snack ideas for him without dairy.  :( 


(Did I mention that I am 38.5 weeks pregnant and the smell of the poop is making me dry heave? And really, his poo is the color and nearly the texture of newbie poo???)

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Yes the norovirus definitely causes dairy intolerance. It takes about 8 weeks to get fully over it, and sometimes longer. His response to ice cream is very typical of the norovirus, as is the stinkiness of the diarrhea. He'll be okay in a month or two. Avoid dairy. I would even avoid cheese... even though he might not show symptoms, it will still be a little irritating and a little more difficult to digest.

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