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Salatin Farming

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Anyone else doing it??  We are in the process of buying a house with 10 acres.  We want to have chickens, rabbits, turkeys, ducks and pigs.  We will be starting slow, but wanted to know if anyone else is doing it and your experiences with it.  We want to fully use the ten acres and rotate everyone.

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What is "salatin"? Know lots of farming terminology but you've got me stumped!

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Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm , author of Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal.



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Got it, and a great writer he is, too.  I'm not good with names.  I don't know how I'd answer that, because Canadian farm rules are so different from the American climate, so radical isn't quite as radical, here.  I've done the animal share thing for meat, and we certainly do a lot of bartering amongst the organic/pastured farmers so a lot is not noticed.  Rotating animals and plant farming and working it into the system has worked well for me with chickens, and I know some people who have had great success rotating pigs to purposefully prepare ground for planting.

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Congratulations on your 10 acres! biggrinbounce.gif


We also have 10 acres that we moved on to about 9 mos ago. We raise cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits and all the assorted ducks & poultry... I love all of Joel's books & ideas! We would LOVE to rotate all our animals through pastures, that would be so ideal for so many reasons. However, there is such an enormous cost involved that we don't do it yet. One single solitary T-post to put up barbed wire fences (the cheapest kind of fence) is $7. For ONE! The rolls of barbed wire are also quite expensive. Then there's the shelter you have to have built on each of the pastures you rotate to, and the feed and water troughs and some sort of way to get the water drug allll the way out there to that pasture.


So, we'd like to get there someday. Verrrry slowly but surely. ;)



ETA: We have managed to rotate our pigs though, to create plowed up garden beds. ;) They are in a big, welded pen that my husband and FIL pull behind our truck to move it to a new spot.

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Yes, I think it will take a few years to build up to all the animals and things we'd like to do.  zjande - Have you tried moveable electric fencing?  That's what I was going to do.

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We bought a little farm last spring and are slowly working to restore it. I just recently starting reading his books and I am very inspired and excited!

I am planning to put our layers in a chicken tractor once the snow melts and I would love to have some meat birds eventually as well. I am a little nervous about that as we have lots of predators where we live.

We raised pigs last year, but this year we would like to rotate them on pasture. We are thinking electric fencing to section our pastures into smaller segments. My husband is very electrically minded and has a plan to use car batteries and solar panels to make portable electric fencing. We will probably use an old pick up truck with a tank in the box to mobiley fill waters.

We are still working out our plans, I don't have a firm solution for a good hog shelter yet and my horses are easy keepers so I don't really want them getting to much new pasture at a time.

I would love to jump in and get some beef cattle too but with a baby due this summer, I think it would be wise to not get too carried away.

We are looking to start growing some organic vegetables as well and I would just love to rotate livestock as soil improvement. Its all so much fun!

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This is our goal too. We have an extra house to sell and believe we should be able to move to a bit of property and be mortgage free there... We have a goal of being settled by the tiem school starts next fall. We have so many ideas; we want to build a little proto type/guest house cob house. We have been doing all sorts of research and believe we can make it off grid fossel fuel free... 

I want more chickens, sheep, goats, rabbits, pigs... We are excited. 

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So exciting!!!

Agilesheltie - I too have a babe due this summer and am half way through "You Can Farm" and am getting so excited and so many ideas.  I need to read his pastured poultry, which I have, but never read.redface.gif  There isn't a yarn shop close by and that is something I want to do eventually.  I don't think I have room for cattle, but sheep, yes, and I'm an avid knitter and could have a shop in my house until the spot where I want the yarn shop opens up in the next couple years.  It's a fast cash place next to a coffee shop at the moment.  When the fast cash place goes I want to try to move in and it would be a win win for both the yarn shop and coffee shop.  Make a kid area and the yarn above 2 yr old level so moms can come in and shop and not worry about their kids getting into too much and have a place for my kids to hang out as well.  That's just one of the many ideas that has come of this.  Besides having the chickens, pigs, turkeys, etc.  I want to start where its just food for us and then expanding.  Plus, I'm just really excited about the yarn shop idea.

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We have ordered You can farm from amazon but it hasn't arrived yet. I am quite excited to read it!

I love to felt and a few well bred, coloured, Romney ewes have just come for sale. I am soooo tempted. They are the breed I was hoping for to raise my own wool. I am already set up for them but I am so hesitant with this baby coming. My husband works out of town and I keep thinking if I end up with another C-section I will be in big trouble if I take on too much. That sounds like a great idea for a yarn shop! I love yarn shops but I am hesitant to spend too much time because all those pretty coloured yarns are right in the reach of little fingers! I always imagined having a home felting studio with all sorts of exotic fibres and giving felting lessons. I just can't imagine doing it in this house.


zjande- what it your welded pen like? Do they ever dig under?


I cannot wait for the snow to melt so the fun can begin!

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I would love to do this method too...but mine is just finding the time with a toddler to get anything done. I have chickens who run around and a few ducks. Have had goats, and will again. 

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