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Acne Care during Pregnancy

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Unfortunately, my skin is pretty broken out. I know a lot of topical treatments are off-limits during pregnancy. Any pregnancy-safe remedies that work?
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I like dabbing rubbing alcohol or peroxide and overnight toothpaste.
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I had this issue during my previous pregnancies and also tried drying them out with toothpaste sometimes.  For me, it was hormonal related (for a total of 17 years before I finally took heavy prescription meds which cured it) so there really was never any topical solution that helped.  Only antibiotic pills that offered temporary relief, then finally the pills that cured it. hug2.gif  I'm sorry you're going through this, as I had stress about my skin for most of my life.  It sucked.  

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I had a lot of trouble with acne in my first pregnancy. I read up about all sorts of things, the only thing that worked for me was apple cider vinegar. It actually worked so well I used it instead of Retin-A even after I was done breastfeeding. It's been working for me ever since. I just put a little bit on a cotton swab and use like an astringent. It turns your face red for a few minutes, kinda smells funky for a while, and burns for a second....but it works wonders! Totally worth it.

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I have been having acne issues this go round too. Last pregnancy, nothing, but boy... I have NEVER had acne on my cheeks and every morning feel like I wake up with new little spots. I have also been getting quite a bit of cystic type acne on my chin and a couple on my cheeks - that's the worst. I never had this type of acne until about a year/year and a half ago, after I had my daughter. Sometimes I have had a cyst for months before it will come to the surface... Until it does, it just looks like a dark spot under my skin. Very frustrating. Topical remedies don't seem to help and I haven't really had the opportunity to check into pills because of breastfeeding, and now I'm pregnant again... Sigh...
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I made a point to set aside a year before conceiving to take prescription pills to permanently relieve my lifelong acne.  I took the pills for 6 months and then waited 10 months after that before conceiving (way more than medical guidelines state is needed but I wanted to be really really sure the stuff was long gone from my system).  I'm soooo glad that after 17 years of acne, I seem to be free of it for a year and a half now!  I know prescription meds (and heavy ones at that) are scary, and I thought about it for TEN YEARS before taking the plunge, but now I just wish I did it sooner.  Thinking about all that stress that getting painful, cystic acne caused on my daily life, that couldn't have been healthy either.

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before I got preggo I was using retin-a (the ONLY non-organic natural product I would use!) ... but you can't use that while pregnant. I read up on benzoyl peroxide... and it's not really that bad, so I've been using that sparingly only when I reallly need it (like the giant cystic pimple in the middle of my FOREHEAD right now??!!! must be a girl because she's stealing my beauty). 


but... I got a sample of this stuff by the skincare line Suki (I work at a natural health store) and it cleared my skin up for the three days i used it. I reallly want to buy more- but its 82 dollars!!! The main ingredients are goldenseal, white willow (salicyn) and apple enzymes. I'm going to beg for it I think. I really like using a gentle cleanser, an anti acne serum like that, and then a little coconut oil all over- that's my recipe for perfect skin. ACV does not work for me, nor does peroxide, toothpaste, any of that! My face has expensive taste. 

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