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Childhood Apraxia Help

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My 4 year old son has childhood apraxia. We were in "early sounds" playgroup & parent training when he was 2.5 years old. We were dismissed from the program early, the therapist was happy with how I interacted with my son (she never had any tips for me, just praise) and I felt confident that I could do more than what the group had to offer at home.

I keep a journal of my sons speech progress, we work on his sounds daily, it's just a routine and normal for us. I have noticed he has not made much progress in a few months though. We have recently moved, I have contacted the kids speech people here and we have been put on a long waiting list. I put in a request to talk to someone sooner than later, I am looking for more ideas on fun ways to help my son in the mean time.

Here is what we do already...
-Repeat back what he says to him clearly
-Pick a word a day and practice it while doing crafts/activities related to the word
-read lots! He recently enjoys it when I read a few words then he repeats. Short, 2-3 words on a page are his favourites.
-Sing songs, take turns making up ryhmes
-practice the alphabet and alphabet sounds
-encourage him to look at my mouth to see the correct lip/teeth/tongue placements and use his hand to feel where the sound is coming from
-blow bubbles, drink from straws, make silly faces to help strengthen his muscles
-correct his "me" to "I" when appropriate (probably not apraxia related)
-give him options/ask open ended questions (would you like to wear the red socks or blue socks? What do you see in this picture?)

I am a home/unschooling mom, I see everything as a learning opportunity, lol smile.gif DS does talk A LOT. I respect when he doesn't want to work on his sounds anymore. He has a short attention span. Going through the alphabet for example, can be throughout the day, not in one sitting. DS also knows over 300 signs, he can get his point across quite well, if he can't say a word properly he will tell a whole story to describe the word.

He can't say the "Ffff" or "G" sound at all, other sounds he can do if he slows down and concentrates. His go-to sound is "D". He is "door" years old, his little Brother is named "Dus" (Gus).

I am hopeful to get some new ideas of fun ways to help him while we wait. Also, if your child had/has apraxia, what did therapy sessions look like?

This got long, lol!
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I suggest you join the Facebook group Apraxia-kids for some parent support.  It is amazing.  Also check out the library at this apraxia kids website for tons of articles about therapy and treating kids with apraxia.  Best resource out there.




My son is also 4 and has apraxia.  He receives 3 hours a week of speech therapy.  I am not familar with how the system works in Canada but I know there is an apraxia-kids canada group.

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Thanks for the link!
I am not on facebook, things like this make me miss it. smile.gif
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