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Ecological breast feeding and the return of fertility

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I KNOW I've seen this kind of post a million times... Just not sure where.

Question: if you consider yourself an ecological breastfeeder, or close to it, when did your fertility/cycle return?
Just wondering what the "mothering" average is. I'm sure it's much different than the general population! smile.gif

Me: had my first baby in June... No sign of a cycle yet (9.5 months post-partum).
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After DD1- 7.5 months (anovulatory), then ovulating at 10.5 months.

After DD2 (tandem nursing around the clock and pumping for donation)- 10.5 months, ovulating immediately

After DS (TRIandem nursing around the clock and pumping for donation)- 3 months (anovulatory), again ovulatory around 10 months.

The ONLY this I don't qualify on is paci's....don't use them regularly but do offer them in the car since my kids are car haters....but they haven't ever really taken to pacis either so not sure...but I can't imagine it's the reason I am so unlucky with getting AF/cycles back so early even while nursing more than one!!
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I nursed at least 5 times an hour lol, and no bottles, pacifiers, or even solid foods. My cycle returned at 9mos post-partum. I remember the first few cycles being lighter & pain-free (I usually have very painful periods) so I've wondered if they were anovulatory, but wasn't tracking/temping at the time. We started TTC#2 soon after DS was born but were not able to conceive. DS is now 4 & we can't try anymore because I am ill, but he started weaning at age 3, so I don't know if my fertility still hadn't returned due to nursing or if we just aren't fertile for some other reason.
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I have used Ecological Breastfeeding to space 3 babies now, and I'm pregnant with my fourth. I have three boys and this one in the womb is my first girl! joy.gif  Anyway, for baby boy #1 I got 10.5 months without return of menses, but I wasn't too determined with that one. With baby boy #2 I got 17 months, which led to a 27 month space between boys, which was AWESOME. Baby boy #3 gave me 18 months, and I used systematic NFP, until I wanted another baby which was 3 months later! So I'll be having Baby #4 with a 31 month space. It just keeps getting easier.

I follow all 7 standards strictly. When I eased up on a few with baby #1, it caused a much quicker return, as you can see. Reading the book The Frequency Factor by Sheila Kippley really helped me.

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still bf my 2yr-3mos-old but my cycles returned at 22mos pp and they come every 45-55 days (were never reg before)

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#1- 7 weeks, yup my actual cycle came back at seven weeks :P


#2- 13 months, two cycles and then I was pregnant with...


#3- 12 months, one cycle and then I was pregnant with...


#4- 13 months off, decided to use condoms. Used those for four years, decided to stop and then we had...


#5- Is 9.5 months and no sign of my period yet.

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My cycle came back after 20 months with my first-- he breastfed until he was 26 months.  We're still waiting to TTC#2.

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32 months was my first pp period.Funny enough I had no clue I was following EB until my son was about two years.......it all just felt instinctive.
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