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I had another night of of contractions that disappeared in the morning.  It is so exhausting, especially with childcare in the morning. 


Last week I felt so great, so much energy. The last two days have been the opposite. I would love another burst of energy right now! 

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5 cm dilated. Did another membrane strip today. MW suggested I go to the birthing center and have them break my waters since she thinks it will be a fast labor. I have mixed feelings. MW on call said she have to assess me herself anyway, so I'll wait awhile and see if the membrane strip works on its own. My MW is on next week, so I said that if I don't give birth by then I will skip my appt and just meet her at the BC. The BC is much, much closer to my house than the office and I am so done with that office.


The weather here is awful; some sort of snow or freezing rain, so I can't even go out for a walk.

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Yesterday I was feeling SUPER cranky and high strung. Today I feel calm and peaceful. I have a feeling I'll have a baby in my arms by Monday. No sure signs of impending labor, just a hunch.

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Woah! Holy cervical pressure BatBaby!


This evening I have been getting bouts of STRONG pressure on my cervix. With DD I was used to the occasional bounce or kick against the cervix during the third trimester, but I don't remember ever feeling long, steady pressure like this. It seems like this week has been a lot of new feelings and stuff happening in the evenings, and then feeling totally normal in the morning. I know it's not really in my control, but I'd really like this baby boy to be born when it's nice and sunny out. So I hope this isn't some indication that I'm going to be night-time birthing when the time comes.

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I have nothing going on again! WTF!? haha. Just diarrhea again this morning and some heartburn now but nothing birthy or contracting. Oh well, at least I won't be uncomfortable while we run errands all day. I was lying in bed this morning and DH said, "Just think, this could be your last Thursday with this pregnancy." And I said, "Or I could be pregnant for 2 more weeks." He said, "NO!" He was so offended that I would even say something like that. haha, as if he is the one pregnant.

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