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Count me in the group of people not sleeping deeply. Last night I was trying very hard to pay attention to the movements of this LO. Normally she's such an obvious mover and I barely felt her all night long. I'm kind of teetering on the edge of calling in to possibly be monitored for a bit. I understand they drop and slow down but this seems super drastic. I dunno what to do. DH is out getting breakfast for us and he's picking me up something to drink with caffeine in it. I hope it gets her bopping around for my own sanity. 

Mira has been moving a lot less lately! And I've been using my Doppler to check on her more than I care to admit... As painful as her movements are now, it makes me paranoid when she doesn't move in a while... I hope the caffiene works!
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My daughter has been moving less as well, but when she does move, boy does she! Its hard to sleep because I can only sleep on my sides and it hurts either way. Also, I am having severe trouble with carpal tunnel during this pregnancy. It makes it VERY painful to sleep as well. I cried this morning because I couldn't go back to sleep. Thankfully this will subside soon.

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I took a half of a unisom sleeping pill last night. I took them early in preg some for morning sickness but it has been a long time. I was so emotional that I just needed some good sleep. Stuffy nose from crying so much and just wanted my brain to turn off. Boy did that little half of a pill work! I could barely wake myself up to pee in the middle of the night. Got a good 10 hours!! I really needed that.
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The caffeine, orange juice, ice water and a big breakfast didn't make her move more so I called my doctor. He had me come in since it's slow. I got right in and he did a cervix exam (more effaced, dilated a finger tip, NOT dropped) then put me in for a BPP. Baby was moving around like they hoped to see, everything looked right. My doctor was shocked at how quick the BPP was. He then told me I basically have to stop doing all the things I've been doing. I was beginning to show signs of swelling and my reflexes were more hyper than usual. My BP was up slightly but I chalked it up to the stress of the baby movement. So now I get to lay on my left side for two hours each morning and each afternoon, I have to watch my salt intake and regularly check my BP with the wrist cuff we have here. He said to call him if I begin to have headaches, which I haven't had any of so far thankfully.


I'm glad to be home and know that she's okay in there. Feeling very sleepy though since I barely slept last night. Thank god DH is home from work today so he's been handling DD. I feel a long nap coming on after lunch time. 


Also, soooo sore in my pelvis. He said it's true that I feel like I'm splitting open because I am, but it's not because the baby has dropped. Oi. Hopefully when things do start happening, my body will take it like a champ. This is all so different than DD1 was. 

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I am feeling like crap today. Have some sort of stomach thing going on, no appetite, and lots of loose stool. I didn't sleep much at all last night either - heartburn, restless legs, kids getting up, fighting with DH, etc.  I am so looking forward to my chiropractor appt this evening as hopefully she can help my hips not hurt.

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Bambi....I get 2 types of sharp pains.  One is directly on my cervix and not quite as pronounced (still makes me cringe or kinda "jump" when it happens).  But the other is on my bladder/urethra (mostly the latter) and it's from the location/position of baby's head and it is a SHARP pinching like pain, kinda like having a stick as a catheter. LOL  If I lean back and tilt my pelvis forward it usually moves the head enough that it relieves it a bit but I get it the worst when I'm walking.  I generally do much better if I wrap my belly up (or a support belt would work well too).

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My beeb has slowed down a lot as well.  I wasn't expecting it, even though my son slowed down in the week or so before labor too.  But this kid has been SUCH a mover and a shaker, much like with my daughter, and with her it felt like she NEVER slowed down -- she kicked me THROUGH LABOR.


The  movements are big though and still lots of flipping from ROA to LOA.

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Slowed movement here as well.  I seem to have a lot of time where I feel nothing, and then periods where I feel a ton, but it's just getting more and more infrequent.  No wonder, this kid is probably huge already.  I'm going to have to stay wrapped up like a mummy in my gauze wrap, too, because the top of my belly where baby's bottom is is SOOOOO sore once again, and wrapping is really the only thing that gives me any relief.  

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My baby went COMPLETELY posterior for maybe an hour today. It was a weird feeling because all of a sudden I could only palpate her legs all balled up in front. It literally felt like 2/3 of the baby just disappeared, although it was waaaay more comfortable to sit. Thankfully she turned around again! Baby has slowed down a bit too. Based on her movements she seems like she is getting uncomfortable and cannot find a comfy position. The last 2-3 days my belly and uterus just seems to be really tired and the last 2 days every time I move I get a BH. I did basically nothing but lay on the couch today and then spent a little time outside with DD. I felt like crap lastnite and most of today with just nausea and gas/diarrhea. Tonight I keep having the urge to get up and move around and do things but it is not very long before the vein in my one leg is aching and my uterus is saying to lay the F down. Sitting is ridiculously uncomfortable too! It's like I can only stand or lay down.

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37 weeks, tomorrow!


My baby has dropped some, according to my midwife, but perhaps not completely. This makes sense because I can feel him at the top, and only starting to feel his presence low down.

He's head down facing my back, prepping like a champ for the past month and a half. So far no real pelvic or back pain except for my buttbone if I sit on it for too long, but I've had that problem since snowboarding a couple years ago. I'm volleying between tired and getting stuff done, but in no way ragged or in pain. 


My midwife said she's impressed by the lack of edema she saw in me, seeing me at about 4 p.m., and my pee, and BP are good, weight gain has slowed (thank goodness, that would've been catastrophic had it continued at that rate), and also, my GBS came back negative!!!!


Oh, I can muster a complaint. My feet are sore. Gladly, my hubby rubs them often, although tonight I think I'll give him a reprieve. His class has been incredibly trying, the past few weeks.

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I'm not sure what it is... It starts in my cervix and shoots down even lower. I guess it could just be stretching and thinning, but it isn't a nice feeling! It gets SO bad if I bend over when it's happening. But I have found some relief (very little) in tilting my pelvis forward and freezing for several seconds.

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I woke up with regular waves of cramping and lower back pain.  But then my husband and I got into an argument and my uterus went into lockdown.  Seriously, all is quiet in there now.  Sigh.


Things have been a little tense between us lately and I fear it will mean I will hold this baby in until things are resolved.  It's not like we're having any major issues, but there's just.slightly.enough.disconnect for me to feel uneasy about my ability to go into labor (emotionally) with things as they are -- I am very, very sensitive.  Luckily we have a date scheduled for tomorrow (assuming my mom is feeling better -- she's supposed to take the kids for the night, but has had a cold this week) and hopefully that will help.  Our lifestyle is very "ships in the night" -- because our work is sort of flexibly/erratically scheduled, one of us is always doing the childcare/homeschooling while the other is working so we don't  get a lot of family time.  We have been making some effort to do family stuff, so the kids' "cups are filled" pre-baby, but not so much couple stuff, and I think we're both feeling the pressure of that.

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I had another contraction in the middle of the night and then again around 5:30 am. That one woke me up out of a dead sleep. I felt it all in my back and stomach. Then everything stopped. My arms hurt sooo bad this morning AGAIN I was crying. I know it's because of the pregnancy induced carpal tunnel and it will be over soon. I will be so happy when it's done. I have delt with this now for around 3 months and it's so painful.

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I hope your date night goes well and you feel better overall Brooklyn!


JennJenn - How many more days do you have until your c/s? I hope you can make it to that so it doesn't have to be an emergency.


AFM - I had more of the radiating cramping last night as I went to bed but it left as soon as I was able to fall asleep. I'm actually feeling quite a bit better today than I have all week. Less sore overall which is amazing. Baby girl is back to moving like crazy today so that is reassuring as well. 

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Tiff4ny, I have 5 days (April 2nd) left to go. She will be here sometime before noon EST that day :) I hope you feel okay too. You sound like I was feeling at that time.

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Brooklyn, my dh and I run a corporation together and spend a Ton of time together. We still need us-time. For us, we sometimes talk about non-work/family issues like science or nature. A lot of the time we just need the time to hold each other in silence and love. Sometimes we get days or hours to do this, often we get a few minutes to half an hour.

One year he was living halfway around the world and every time we talked or flew to see each other it was work work work.

That is when I instituted a very liberal "date" policy. Even if we were in the car driving to the grocery store, I declared it a date and it was amazing how quickly he got into the game which became reality. Our attitudes changed and those really were tasty and restorative dates for us.

Might work for you?

Good luck!
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Emotional breakdown today. Just feel defeated, like I am at a dead end. My poor kids are wondering what is wrong with me.
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Originally Posted by 1babysmom View Post

Emotional breakdown today. Just feel defeated, like I am at a dead end. My poor kids are wondering what is wrong with me.


hug2.gif How far along are you now? Hang in there lady!

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OMG everybody is having such a hard time! hug2.gifI am actually feeling great today other than some sore hips this morning. Ask me again tomorrow when DH and I have to have a some-what confrontational appt with my OB. But at least I have a massage and chiro appt tomorrow afterwards. It was actually really nice this afternoon and I got to be outside with our animals a bit and I got to take a nap with DD, and DH was home this afternoon and helped with some cleaning and is setting up the changing table again. All is peaceful here, hopefully it will stay that way. (FX!) fingersx.gif Baby feels like she is locked and loaded today, and slower in movement too. Some kicks here and there but she mostly feels so packed tight in there today. I have been having some more pressure type feeling in my low back and pelvis but not much for contractions. Almost 36 weeks!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by 1babysmom View Post

Emotional breakdown today. Just feel defeated, like I am at a dead end. My poor kids are wondering what is wrong with me.


Me too hug2.gif Things at the shop have been extra stressful and add to that car issues for both us and my mom and a broken pipe under my moms trailer and lots of stress and no money. It's been lovely. Blah.


Everyone keeps asking me if I'm "done" in various ways and honestly, I'm not. I feel pretty good over all (physically) Some aches and pains but nothing like I had with my youngest daughter so that's really good. But emotionally and mentally I am not ready for this baby at all. There's been so much stress this week and then on top of that knowing that this is our last baby and I'll never get to do this again just makes me want to stay pregnant just a little bit longer. 

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