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Hi all,


I am a newbie here. Trying to conceive since January. Coming up on end of round #3. Guess I find out in 5 days if AF comes along. Just turned 37 and trying not to make myself crazy-not sure how successful that is so far! ;)


We were cocky (no pun intended) the first round thinking it would happen easy-peasy. After AF came along, I read more about all the tricks and tools.


Used a OPK the last two cycles. Got repeat positive LH surge indicators (over say 2-3 days). Not sure what that might indicate. I think the first time we tried too early. This last round we spaced it over the time frame of the inidcator.


Fertility Friend says I haven't ovulated this last cycle. My cycles are short average 25-26 days. I read that might mean you ovulate on the earlier side. Arg! A bit confused.


Anyway-I appreciate the support of being part of this community. Any tips/buddies for this next round much appreciated. goodvibes.gif



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Welcome dandy!  I don't think a 25 or 26 day cycle is too short at all.  I got pregnant when my cycles were 25 days.  I did ovulate earlier, about CD 12.  It seemed to work fine.  I was 37 also.  What would be helpful to know is how long your luteal phase is.  It tends the stay the same while the day you O may change thus affecting the length of your cycle.  You need a long enough luteal phase to have time for implantation to occur so pregnancy can be established.  A positive OPK indicates that you will O within 24-36 hours after the first positive.  Some women have longer surges so you may get several positive results.  I think that's pretty normal. 

Are you doing any charting?  Keeping track of basal body temperature and fertile cervical mucus could be helpful to confirm that you have ovulated, and predict that you will, respectively. 

Good luck!

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Thanks so much for your response. Sounds like we are similar, so that is helpful to hear about your experience. Today I have some very faint spotting, which is very unusual. AF is due (according to my charts) in 4-5 days. I guess figuring our my luteal will be a bit tricky since I am not totally clear when I have ovulated.


Been using basic fertility friend to chart. It implied that I didn't ovulate this last round. My temp runs on the lower side in general, but def surged with the positive OPK. Plus I had a nasty cold last week, which I'm sure added to the confusion;)


How long were you TTC when you became pregnant?

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Some women get implantation spotting so that might be a good thing.  I tried for 9 cycles before I got pregnant this time.  I got pregnant on the 6th try also, but I had a very early loss. 

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Thanks again for sharing your experience!


AF wound up coming with a vengeance. It's almost like I was getting punished this time around! Ugh. oh well, next round I suppose we shall see.

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Yay-round 5 is the charm.  Hope it sticks! thumbsup.gif

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