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Need direction/suggestions for names...

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Okay, with this website being way more in depth than pretty much any other parenting website (where it seems people are primarily concerned with room colors and baby naming), I feel super shallow talking about this here, LOL. We're already in our homebirthing/bf-ing/cloth diapering/co-sleeping/to vaccinate or not to vaccinate jive so I don't really need help with those things this time :)  But I really am struggling! Just found out on my birthday 3 days ago that we're expecting our third baby and I'm struggling with names that go well with my first two: Rory (F), and Micah (M). We won't know the gender until the baby is here so I have plenty of time to think about names but I'd like some direction and suggestions if anyone has ideas :) And hey, naming is an important process, so I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself... haha, thanks! And congrats and good luck to all of you other November mama's! 

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Names are fun!  :)

We had rules for our names:  No president's last names (this usually expands to no last names at all, though we've semi-seriously considered Tesla for a girl), no professions (because our last name is Miller, Carpenter Miller would just be silly), and we have to check what the initials spell!  That's the funny part - my husband's family's initials spell things.  He's ARM, his dad is RAM, his sister is JAM... so our boys are SAM and BAM.  :)  We may have to give that up if we have a girl, though.  Catherine is a family name on my side, and I can't think of any good initials with a C and an M....  :P

We also get a name book, and I go through it and make a list of the possibilities, and he sees if he likes them, and we narrow it down.  Though last time we were on a car trip, and I read him the entire book.  :)

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What we've decided to do is not pick names before birth (we also won't know the gender until arrival).  We may have some that we like, but there won't be any hard and fast selections.  When baby is here, we are going to see what baby moves us to for his/her name.  I have (IMO) the most beautiful girl's name ever in my mind, but DH will have some input and in a way so will baby.  I'm trying so hard not to fall in love with this name!  lol.gif



I don't remember what I was reading, but this lady had a son named Harper something or other and a daughter named Ellington Grace.  I seriously loved that and couldn't stop reading over those names for like 10 minutes.  We want faith-based names so we can't/won't steal those, but I love them. 

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Look at that.... now that I've typed out those names, I can't stop reading my own post.  ROTFLMAO.gif

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I'm a total name nerd.  DH is convinced I wanted a third just so I could name it lol.gif


Have you gone to nameberry for advice?  Those folks are crazy serious about names but i like a lot of their suggestions.  And their arguments.  they have hilarious arguments over names. 


Also, nymbler.com is lots of fun because you can type in name inspirations and pulls up names similar to those.  I did Rory and Micah and two of my favorites that it generated are Owen and Levi. 

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I love looking through names and finding ones I like! :)


Girl names that I like and think would go well with Rory and Micah are Harper, Charlotte, Piper, Avery, and Leah... for boys I like Levi, Liam, and Ethan.

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If we have a boy I really want to name him Eli (Elijah or Elliott) but my husband (complete sports nerd) says his child will never be named after a Manning. He is so infuriating sometimes! Buuuut. I generally get my way soooo smile.gif
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If we have a boy I really want to name him Eli (Elijah or Elliott) but my husband (complete sports nerd) says his child will never be named after a Manning. He is so infuriating sometimes! Buuuut. I generally get my way soooo smile.gif

What about Ellison?

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Love names!
We are considering Dixon or Crosby for a boy or Vera, Dottie or Beatrix for a girl
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We have a list of what we won't consider, so it makes for slim pickings!

1. No A or J names (my other kids' initials);

2. No Biblical names;

3. No city/ state names (Madison, etc.);

4. No name that's in the top 20 for popularity - except with our girl name pick, since it was my grandmother's name....


We'd already agreed on a girl name forever ago, when we started thinking about having a baby, but the boy names are still completely undecided, at this point.


Good luck to you, with your decision! Baby naming is such an intimate thing, and something that will stick with this little being for the rest of forever, so it's very important.

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Originally Posted by SilaMarila View Post

What about Ellison?
He just doesn't like Eli, the form doesn't matter to him! Lol
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I have three boys named Alden, Judah and Gideon. If I were to have another boy (which I'm sure I will!) Im thinking Ira or Atticus. If its a girl she will be Wilhelmina after my great grandmother. 

But this doesn't help your problem :) I usually start out a pregnancy with a name in mind and end the pregnancy naming the baby something totally different! We have a nice long time to search for the perfect one and change our minds a million times. Good luck!

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marie06 I love Atticus! DH and I have the hardest time agreeing on names. He tends toward traditional names and I swoon for the unconventional. If we have a girl I want her middle name to be Mae after my grandma. No idea what I'd pick for another boy yet.
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Oh I'm terrible about names.  I never share with anyone before the baby is born.  I don't want to hear any comments. And I'm worried that people will "steal" my name--which is stupid because it's a name, you can't "steal" it.  These are not rational feelings that I have about names!  LOL


I had a girl's name kind of come to me while I was driving the other day, and this is how we named the other two kids, so I'll probably go with that name if it's a girl.  Boy names are so much harder I think.  Fewer choices.  Good luck!   I have to say I'm partial to "old fashioned" names though.  Vintage :)

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Originally Posted by mamaecho View Post

Love names!
We are considering Dixon or Crosby for a boy or Vera, Dottie or Beatrix for a girl

I love Dottie. I went with Dodi for #4 though.

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I actually haven't even really thought of names yet. It will be something Hebrew, but thats about all I've decided so far.


To the OP: pshaw on feeling silly making a post about names! Life isn't all kumbacha and spirulina...gotta have some nursery and name talk somewhere! lol

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I love name threads! DH and I have been talking about names for a few weeks now. We had a perfect boy name, but then we realised that the initials would be ASS, so that's not going to happen. We like Aleksander for a boy but DH isn't pronouncing it consistently so we will have to see. For a girl we are thinking about Lily/Lillian/Liliana. 

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I love names that shorten to Lily! So pretty!

So we bought a baby name book yesterday! I've been going through it and there are so many I love! I think we will be glad we bought it because we're opening ourselves up to more options this way, OP do you have a name book? That might help your situation a bit!

Side note: we got it at motherhood maternity because I can't stand the pressure on my stomach of any pants at all... We spent $92 on 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of shorts, 2 bellabands, and the name book... So pricy! I may have to stick to kohls unless they send me good coupons to motherhood!
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My DD's middle name is Lillian, after DH's grandma.  She likes it.


Jonesie our last name is hyphenated S-S, so no A names for us either!  LOL.  Our kids are ISS and KSS.  And both have four letters, so I'm trying to come up with a four letter name for #3 too.  We have to have some consistency around here!  Both my kids are blonde/blue eyes, and I'm not, and I'm curious whether my dark hair/hazel eyes will win out this time.  Maybe #3 will be "one of these things is not like the others" and have a long name and dark hair ;)


I hit up maternity this weekend too JJH.  I found a bellaband at a kids' discount store for $5.  SCORE!  I love it so I'm going back to get whatever they have left :)  I recall ebay being pretty good for motherhood maternity gently used, especially pants.  I don't like buying used shirts, but I will definitely buy someone else's jeans for $15 instead of $50.  There is a resale place here that also has maternity that I plan to check out.  

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I should check out some resell places. Unfortunately, and this is super super rude of me, the people in this town dress a lot differently than I am accustomed to (I saw a pregnant girl wearing a super tight tank top and super tight shorts last year, and this is the norm pretty much...). Sooo ill probably have to search a bit but I can handle that! I'm going to beg DH to take me to Kohl's today to look for maternity stuff for cheap smile.gif
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