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Yes! Did you get mine!? My hubby sent them and probably didn't include my name... but it would have a Maryland or DC postmark!

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Just got mine! So pretty!!! Xoxoxo!
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All of the packages went out. I'd be so sad if one got lost. Let me know.
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Will keep my eyes open! Thank you so much for organizing this and doing the leg work! 

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Oh wow!  Great work amlikam.  I didn't realize you had already mailed out the packets.  I will be on the look out.  We already picked up our mail for today (Friday) so I'll be on the lookout for Saturday. :-)

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Yay!! Got my beads today. Love them. Thanks.
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Got my beads yesterday, so exited to start my necklace/whatever it turns out as :-)
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I got mine too.  I just need to find a clasp or something to hold them all together.  Thank you for the notes.  I didn't even think of including a note, but I really enjoyed yours.

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Ahhh I was in a hurry I forgot to include clasps and wire for you all!!!
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No worries. Here is what I made. I had some wire and a misfit keyring. I knew if I didn't make this pronto I'd never make it.
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Oh I love it!!!
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in the end made 2 necklaces: one for me and one for big sister. There were beads remaining so I also added some to my husbands birth staff and I will be making one for DS at some point. (I had some beads from my mother blessing and the other DDC I was a part of so I had a ton!).

I also read the little notes when I was in labor which was so sweet.

my necklace

DD meeting her brother for the first time, wearing her necklace. (I let her choose the beads for it and we strung our necklaces together.

birth staff

just moments after birth. DS touching the necklace.
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Beautiful!  I'm so glad the beads were helpful to you.

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That's awesome, amlikam!  What a beautiful family you have!

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