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Well ladies, I'm late. Not very late at all and AF will probably make her appearance today at some inopportune time wink1.gif, but I just had fo say it out loud to someone!! I have been charting for six cycles now and my luteal phase is always 11-12 days; AF usually starts day 12 and I often have spotting on day 11. But here I am at 14 DPO.

I don't know how I could be pregnant though!! Hubby and I abstained from CD 12, sticky CM started CD 15 and I had my temp rise on day 21 (very typical for me). We DTD 1 DPO using a condom and then again using withdrawal (but hubby urinated and cleaned off and pulled out well before the end) and then started DTD unprotected at 3 DPO. My guess is 1DPO would be our culprit. But I was already creamy/sticky for days by then. EW stopped CD 19. How could the little guys get up there in time? I know it's possible, of course.

I tested this am and was negative of course. I'll test again in a few days. I am finding myself really hoping for a positive, but of course it would be crazy too, with a 2-year-old and 4-year-old already and hubby saying he's done...
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I thought I might be pregnant this month and had rationalized that it would be a good thing and then AF.  I had to phone my friend and let her know that I was not pregnant.  Sometimes we have to share.  I too have a 2 and 4 year old.  We would like to wait a bit longer so I could lose more weight and be healthier.  I hope it works out how you want.

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BallardBaby- excited and curious over here!!!  


I thought i had an ovulation (6 months PP) but am now 16 days out from possible ovulation, negative test (though it wouldn't have been possible if i did ovulate when the chart said i may have), and no sign of AF.  this is the longest PP phase w/out ovulation yet!!!


4 and 2 and new isn't a bad gap at all!  i have a lot more than than, and closer..... wild.gif


i'm definitely on this forum b/c i don't have anyone in my life who charts or gets charting, so i can't call and talk about things like this!!!  even w/ my mother, i mention a long mucus patch, or a late ovulation, etc, and she gets all confused and quiet and says 'i never could figure out anything like that.  ever.  i didn't ever know i was pregnant for 2 or 3 months in.' and i feel completely flowersforyou.gif.



how are we still in spring?  i don't think i got linked over to summer, or what should now be FALL!!!!

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Thanks for your interest, guys! I tested again this morning and still neg...also still no AF. This is the one month that we were totally by the book and abstained for my entire "fertile" period (except post-o protected sex at 1dpo). So I am doubtful...

I should also warn you guys I'm one of those people who think I'm pg like every month wink1.gif. Though I've not been late before and not been pg.

HoP you sound more likely pregnant than me wink1.gif!

Truthfully, I would love another baby. And an honest oops is probably the only way ill get one wink1.gif, with DH being 100 percent done and me being able to see his point on all the million reasons two is a better choice for us...

But I really would love another. Baby, child and person. I love the dynamic of three....

But I'm trying not to feel this way right now as I don't want to be too sad when AF gets here. And I'm about 95 percent sure she will.

With both my daughters, I had neg tests for the first few days after expected AF. But I was also throwing up by now with both! So either I'm not pregnant or maybe there's a slight chance I'm having a boy wink1.gif!!

I am having a few symptoms: vivid dreams, headache and tons of energy. The latter was never a symptom for me before but I've read it can be.

If AF is still late in 2 days ill go get some FRERs. I've been testing with dollar store tests.

Sorry to clutter this CTA board with my (unlikely) pregnancy ramblings!
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BB - Sometimes you just have to get it out.


HouseOfPeace - I vote you to start the fall thread as mt_gooseberry is pregnant.

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Sooooo... Of course I took my kiddos and a friend's kid to the zoo today and when I finally got a chance to go potty myself (with all kiddos in the stall with me)... Guess who had made her appearance??! Never a dull moment around these parts.

Oh well. It's light but I'm assuming it's the real deal. I'm sad I won't be cuddling a teeny person in nine months, relieved I won't be battling morning sickness for the next 12 weeks, and glad I get to have a glass of wine tonight.

Thanks for the support, ladies. Promise I won't do it again next month wink1.gif.
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