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Hip shrinking bands-Do they work?

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Have you seen those ads for postpartum belts that are supposed to give support and also help your hips shrink back to their original size or smaller?  I think some of them may double as maternity support belts.  I often see them advertised together.  Have you tried them?  Do you know anyone who has?  They seem intriguing, but they could also be a waste of money.  I would love to hear any personal experiences.  Thanks!

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The only people I've seen them work for are those women who had hot bodies before and more than likely pre-disposed looking hot post-partum as well! LOL (and I've seen the hot body ladies return to their hot selves without the belt also)

I tried it, it didn't work for me but my body's never been a work of art.

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LOL! I never had a hot body, but a postpartum binder such as www.bellefit.com did work wonders for me. I used a belly bandit. Am ordering the bellefit this time. As for the ones like hipshrinx... Who knows? I have wide hips, which seem to make birth easier, so I don't want to mess with that!
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Bumping up in case someone else has someting to share!  Thank you!

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My best friend just had twins and used a squeem binder (which does hips to below boobs) She said it helped a lot with post partum pubic symphysis pain (after carrying 10 pounds worth of baby in her pelvis) and she looking f-ing amazing...like better than she did pre-babies in the belly. I'm having her mail it to me to use after I deliver! I'm also a big believer that if something is done across multiple geographically diverse cultures for hundreds of years there's probably something to it and belly binding is def a thing all over the world (Malaysia, Mexico, India, China)...I think it makes sense physiologically too to squeeze everything together while you still have a lot of relaxin hormone in your system those first 8 weeks and all the connective tissue is still really soft.
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