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annual reporting

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aloha all,


i live in hawaii and have a state reporting question, but i'm thinking that other states might have similar reporting needs so wanted to toss the net here as well as my local yahoo groups...


my daughter is in "4th grade" and i want to submit a portfolio for our annual report, and honestly would like to do that every year
since i feel the HST is not an accurate assessment tool, so here are my questions...

1. wondering what types of formats you all have done for the evaluation and/or portfolio options for the annual progress reports.i would love to see a few examples before i generate our first one if anyone is willing to share.

2. for the testing in grades 3,5,8 & 10, did you all do the HST or a different standard type test, of so which one, or has anyone done portfolios for those years as well.

thanks for any feedback!


** we are more child-led than anything, somewhat unschooish but do insert some lessons on the basics (reading/writing/math)

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I don't live in Hawaii, but it looks like the reporting requirements may be similar to our requirements in Vermont.  I always do a portfolio.  I do it as a web page, but don't actually put it online; I just send them all the files on a disk.  I have an overview page and a page for each of the required subject areas.  The subject area pages include things like lists of books read, scanned work samples, and photos of my kid doing activities, along with a brief description of what was learned.  The folks who review the portfolios at the Dept. of Ed. love the way I do it.  I'm sure it's a lot easier for them than looking through a big folder of actual papers.

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Wanted to thank Daffodil for her tip. We will be moving back to VT next year and now that we have a child, I'm investigating the home school scene there more.  We know many home school families there but I really like your idea for the webpage report. I'd like to do it that way, too.  Sounds a lot easier than other ways I've seen.  Thanks!

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