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night options for otherwise dry toddler?

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Hi there,


My 33-mos old toddler has been out of diapers since 22 mos (we were part-time ECers) and pull-ups since 24 - within a few weeks we gave up on night diapers too. I was night-nursing then and used to potty her when she woke up to nurse at night, but when she night-weaned a couple of months later, she started being irregular about staying dry at night. I tried putting her CDs back on, but they felt so bulky and like such a reversal since it had been 4-5 mos post-diapers by then. A friend gave us a disposable pull-up during an unplanned sleepover, which got us into using disposables...I started buying biodegradables (Naty) but am not feeling great about not using cloth, esp since 4/5 nights the pull-up is dry (and you can't reuse the Natys as much as mainstreams, the filling gets really bunched and moved around). I got a couple medium Blueberry pull-ups for night use (we'd used smalls in transitioning but she'd just outgrown them) but after a few cycles of suddenly peeing every night, I was finding myself with no clean pull-ups and not enough dirty ones to warrant a whole wash. I could get a bigger stash, but I am reluctant to drop the money at this point since we don't use them during the day, and we were starting to get odour issues when the Blueberries sat around for 4-5 days before washing. (BBs seemed good for stopping the sheets from getting wet, but still making her say when she woke up "I peed in my pull-up" which she never notices with disposables).


Any ideas on more low-key night options? I am toying with just doing nothing, washing the sheets if there is a miss, and hoping that the increased awareness will prompt her to pee right before sleep (I often offer a potty but she doesn't always produce since she pees pre-bath) or maybe increase her openness to trying to potty herself at night (resistant so far). But if her bladder is not ready for consistently holding it then I don't want to push it, and she mostly sleeps through the night which I'd like to encourage. Have others been in this situation and what have you done? I have visions of laying out a bunch of old prefolds and her rolling off them or kicking them around in her sleep. Has anyone used Brolly Sheets for this? heard about them a while ago but not about their performance.




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My son potty trained right after his 3rd birthday. We found that if we didn't get him up to pee by midnight, he would have an accident everytime. Now @ 3 1/2 months it is part of our nightly routine to put him on the potty right before we go to bed around 10:30 pm. My husband does not try to wake him, and does everything for him. Sometimes he wakes up, but usually he keeps his eyes closed and goes right back to sleep when he lays him back in bed. Not sure when we'll try again to see if he makes it through the night. We have a cloth/rubber pee pad that went to his crib bed under his sheet.

We have a spare sheet, pillow case, and pee pad for quick middle of the night bed changes. He gets really upset when he has an accident, but we don't make a big deal over it. We just say that it happens sometimes. I think that that makes it easier for him to let us get him up before we go to bed. He has on occasion gotten up during the night to potty by himself. I think leaving him in underwear, and giving his small bladder a break by waking him to potty has been the most successful solution for us.
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We use disposable pull ups for our 3.5 yr old DD.

Like you, we do not want to disturb her sleeping through the night. Chances are, if we got her up to pee, it would take her more than an hour to go back to sleep. She is only dry 2-3 nights per week. When she is dry more nights then we will go with the absorbable bed sheets or something.

So, I really have no idea. I also do not want to drop a ton of cash on reusable pull up stash.

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Originally Posted by lavendrsunshine View Post

My son potty trained right after his 3rd birthday. We found that if we didn't get him up to pee by midnight, he would have an accident everytime. Now @ 3 1/2 months it is part of our nightly routine to put him on the potty right before we go to bed around 10:30 pm.


We do the same thing for our daughter and we rarely have accidents.

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Thanks for these answers. I am still wavering a bit...we have had several dry nights in a row so I just put her to bed only in jammies, pottying first, and we'll see what happens. We'e going to my mom's for the long Easter weekend, so I'll probably go back to pullups for the weekend (we have a rubber-backed mattress protector on dd's bed, but my mom doesn't) and maybe just go back to nothing afterwards...I haven't had the experience of continuously going without anything despite accidents, so maybe I'll try it for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. If I get tired of a lot of laundry, or if dd seems dispirited about waking wet, then we'll see...I really don't think I can pee her without her waking, but I guess I can try! (though she always wants me to lie down with her again if she fully wakes up, which means spending the rest of the night with her as I'll totally fall asleep.) But maybe she'll stay dry.
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I'm in the same boat and have no real solution here, just wanted to say "I hear you!"


My son's been day trained since around 22 months, but nighttime is going to be a while.  Daddy had a hard time and wasn't dry at night till 5+, and DS has only woken up dry perhaps three times ever (he's now 41 months).  He sleeps through the night, so we are not waking him up.  We were using cottonbabies' flip covers for a while because they were the biggest thing in our stash (he is TALL yet LEAN, hard to fit), but wanted to move to something he could pull down himself in the middle of the night when he seems receptive AND with 2+ more years of this, we're not willing to move to disposables for either the cost or the environmental impact.  I purchased a few pairs of Super Undies and one pair of Antsy Pants.  The Super Undies are very absorbent for my heavy wetter, but to get a snug fit they're awful hard for Daddy and I to pull on and off, let alone the three year old by himself.  The Antsy Pants are nearly as absorbent and have snaps on the front (better in the event of a poo, which is rare).  Both kinds can be stuffed with an extra insert.  They're $30 and $25, respectively, which makes DH and I both cringe.  The only good news on that front is that I'm expecting #2 and due in the next 2-3 months, so we'll have more cause to do diaper laundry and therefore don't feel a need to have a huge stash of cloth pull-up style pants for DS.


Sigh.  I don't think there's a great AND cheap solution for this period in time, cloth-wise, to be honest.

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Nice to hear all these thoughts from folks! For the last few weeks we have just been going back to CDs ( Thirsties duo AIO) which was the last size we were using a year+ ago, and resigning to a weekly wash (with some presoaking which is helping with the stench). She doesn't seem to mind the "backsliding" to a diaper (though I don't love it), but if we try to move her into her pottying herself at night I guess it won't work. To be honest I think we will probably never be solo night pottiers but just sleeping all the way through. I have only ever gotten up at night to pee during late pregnancy so I think she will the same way. Maybe that just means I will have to wait longer for her to be consistently dry at night. I do suspect that she just pees right as she is waking up and not in the middle of the night.
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Thought I would give another/last update about my 37-mo-old having been dry the last 2-3 weeks at night. I was just about to try the 'dream pee' option before I went to bed, given how many people swear up and down that their child doesn't really fully wake up and goes right back to sleep, when one evening my partner put her to bed with no coverage after pottying her three times before bed (pre bath, while changing/during storytime, and right before falling asleep). It has totally been doing the trick - her bladder is empty enough that she just pees when she wakes up, and not even right away. Maybe she is a bit under hydrated too, we need to keep pushing water on her. At any rate that seems to have done it, I don't think we'll be going back. There was some regression of taking advantage of the diaper which seems to have happily vanished.

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