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Prodromal Labor

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Yes, I'm already thinking about this. lol.gif  Last time around I got about 6ish weeks of prodromal labor (off and on) before my little man finally decided to come.  On THE day, I laid on the couch all morning with contractions 20 minutes apart, waiting to be sure I was in labor before calling the sitter and running to the hospital.  When I was finally sure, it went very fast and hard - I ended up having him less than 2 hours after I called her (which meant I was doing some of my hardest labor in the car and then only in the hospital about 45 minutes before pushing him out).


Anyway, this may seem backwards, but I REALLY want to get to the hospital before this super hard labor kicks in this time so I can really hit my "zone" in my comfortable birthing place.  We do live a LITTLE closer this time around (it's a 22 minute drive instead of a 30 minute one), but we still have to deal with childcare (friend, sitter, hopefully my parents, but they're only here for 2 weeks and may be too late!).


Back to my question - has anyone in here experienced prodromal labor with one kiddo and NOT with another?  Or any great secrets on how you figured out labor was REAL before getting to the really hard part?  For a number of reasons, homebirth isn't an option for us and this is the closest hospital that's remotely decent (it's actually nearly the closest hospital PERIOD).  We frankly can't afford to rush off to the hospital every time it "might" be "the time" if I'm having prodromal labor again.  I had probably a dozen bouts of regular, timeable, painful contractions before getting the series that turned into baby time.  As far as I could tell, nothing was different about my contractions...

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No advice but I can tell you that I've had it for 6 weeks or more for each of my kids. And I've had different labor lengths with each one so there isn't a definite pattern I can tell you other than yes, I had them with all. Some came before due date, one came on due date, and some came after due date. Some lasted 5 hours, some lasted 7-8 hours. Only one was induced though so I don't really count hers.

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I usually have prodromal labor for several weeks.  Although, with each baby, the prodromal labor gets easier.  I mean, there is a more dramatic difference between the prodromal labor and the real stuff.  Coincidentally, baby #4 was the baby I had the LEAST prodromal with...so maybe this one will be clearer.  :)



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Thanks guys, it helps to hear everyone else's patterns at least.  This past week, I had a few contractions that I had to focus on.  Not loving this trend...  I haven't really drunk any RRL tea this time, but I have this huge bag (in the past I did the little packets) and I'm hoping that maybe if I get into it, my prodromal labor will be more easy somehow and my real labor more "real"?  Is that a silly idea? lol.gif

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argh, I had that for 4 weeks last time too... it worries me because I feel like I'm not going to call my MW or doula in time/call them a million times when it's not really labour! once my water broke my son was born within 4 hours last time, so I'm concerned none of my birth team will make it here/I will second guess myself about calling them.

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I worry too about GBS - I've never been positive, but if I were, the likelihood is I couldn't even get a dose in more than an hour from the birth - I haven't been able to get to the hospital that quickly before...

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If you do have it this time you will just have to decide if you want to treat your child after they are born or not. (Which means antibiotics in the hospital through iv for 48 hours until baby's culture comes back.
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Is IV the only way?  Can't they do oral antibiotics for the baby?  I wonder what the risks are on waiting/watching...  Hmm, these sound like questions for my midwife. :p

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You can always do what we home birthers do if gbs positive- antiseptic vaginal douches every 4-6(??) hours during labor. I'm sure you can do it during prodromal labor as a precaution and if you dont make it to the hospital in time for IV antibiotics than you can feel a little better at least.
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If you end up being GBS positive I urge you to get treatment for baby/you in labor if possible One of my friend's sons died from GBS and it was 18 years ago but just so, so sad and now that we can test for it and treat it I would hate to see someone lose a baby like that.

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I had prodromal labor with my last child.  For about 4 weeks I thought I was going into labor, and when I finally did I went from 0 to 60 in 2 hours.  He was born 2 hours from the first real contraction.  Not fun.  Already having braxton hicks, so I'm sure it will be the same thing.  Heard that was normal for later pregnancies (this is number 4 for me) and I'm carry twins.  So we'll see.

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AUvetmom, I've been reading up on GBS treatments and they aren't really sure that the hibiclens actually prevents GBS infections in infants...  It looks like it likely just prevents colonization, which seems to be non-threatening.  The theory is that the GBS is actually in the amniotic fluid and the baby inhales it before it breaks or while it breaks, causing the infection.  If you get the antibiotics early enough in labor, they pass through the placenta and help the baby fend off the GBS.


Edelweiss, I totally agree, BUT my prodromal labor literally feels like the real thing up until the last minute.  Last time around, I waited until I was sure I was in labor to go to the hospital and  between calling the sitter and driving to the hospital, I was at the admitting desk less than an hour before I pushed him out.  If I had needed the IV antibiotics, there literally would not have been time to get a course in me early enough to get it to the baby.  If I didn't wait until I was sure, I would literally be going to the hospital a dozen or more times in the weeks leading up to the birth and wasting incredible amounts of time and money on sitters...  I don't live near family and no way am I asking my friend to watch my kids nearly every day in those last weeks.


I'm hopeful that I'll be GBS- again (I have been with all three of mine), but realistic that it's common enough that I may have it this time and nervous about the potential issues for baby. :(

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Sorry, autumnrayne, meant to respond to you too - sounds like your experience was similar to mine... Sigh...  I've always had tons of BHs, but the prodromal just sucks.  And yes, I've already had a few painful contractions here and there...  Blah.

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