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Trisha, I have a question fro you if you don't mind. I feel equally passionate about encapsulation and burying the placenta. So my thought was to only encapsulate a portion of it - so have some benefit but still ensure some of it is buried on our property. I was thinking of encapsulating about half of it and just takign the pills for as long as they last., which is more than I would have had last time (none). Any experience with this, or idea of how many capsules you can get out of a placenta/half a placenta? thanks! Renee
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The number of capsules per placenta varies quite a bit, depending on how big the placenta is and how its prepared. I've seen anywhere from a hundred twenty to two hundred forty pills. (My phone is boycotting numbers right now lol). So if you cut those numbers in half, that's about what you'll get for doing half. I say go for it! There's no rules on what you can do with it, so I you'd like to do half and half, that's great too smile.gif Plants growing on top or next to burried placentas tend to thrive quite well. Just make sure to burry it deep enough that it doesn't attract animals (or the family dog!). Id say at least a foot or so.
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thanks Trisha! that is helpful :)
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Oh yeah family dog... Guess I won't be burying any of it.
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