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I wish there was was a Parenting Parents forum.

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Just saying...

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Hey mama!

I'm thinking you are looking for places to talk about when it comes time to parent and caregiver for your own parents? There are a few older threads in Finding Your Tribe, or you are welcome to start a new thread/tribe.




Or you are more than welcome to start your own Group in our Groups area! It seems there are other mamas who also encounter this on MDC and I'm sure it would be well received smile.gif

If for some reason I got the topic wrong and you meant parenting yourself while parenting (another topic I've seen), I think there have been some threads in Personal Growth smile.gif

Hope that helps!
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Thanks! I did mean parenting my parents. My kids have moved out (well, to college) and my parents have moved in. They're in their 80s. We're getting along well. there's a lot of stress with my brother as well as some tangled legal issues). So I will look at old threads and/or starting something new up later this week. Rough one at work!


Thanks again!

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Mtiger - There was an old thread for caregivers. I was kinda active on it (my mom died, so I am no longer active). I am sure if you revive it other people will join in.

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I'd be glad to join! I actually looked for that tribe recently but couldn't find it; maybe the one I posted on was before the server switch? Whoa that makes me realize how long we've been parenting our parents!
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Also interested. Post back if a group gets made
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I'm willing to be a co-leader, but I think a group needs atleast 2 to form
Pm me if anyone is interested
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I would also love to participate. Don't know that I would be able to be active enough to moderate, but willing to try if there is nobody else.
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I'll try to get on this this week.


I figured I couldn't be the only one in this boat. My parents are 83 & 84, and just moved in with me (just over a month ago). My kids are 19 & 21, both in college. 21 lives in Philly year-round, 19 comes home on breaks. It's... interesting. Overall, smooth, but... it's a complicated situation. 

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I am also interested. I have a 79 year old father.  He stayed over the other night, with my husband and 9 year old son. I see that my father is having a hard time getting older. I think this forum could probably be a good place to visit.

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I would be interested in this as well!  My mom is 74, but uses a wheelchair due to severe RA.  My daughter is 16 months old. 


We all live in the same house - keeping a space toddler-proofed and wheelchair-accessible at the same time is sometimes quite a challenge!

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We started a Group called Old Mamas some time ago, with the idea of a place to talk about things like this that come up in older families. All y'all are welcome over there (it hasn't been too hoppin' lately), or if a new spot is found, count me in!

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Did this get started? I will moderate with someone if thats what it takes. We need this. I can get on at lest daily.
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least. Mobile.
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Thanks, mamarhu! I think that might be a good place to take this sort of discussion, plus others. Not as limited as one purely on dealing with older parents. 


Hey everyone else interested: 



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