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So much kicking

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This child is BUSY! energy.gif

She shakes my whole belly sometimes! 
I don't remember quite this much fip-flopping around with my others at 25ish weeks, but it has been nearly 11 years... :)

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Mine is extra busy this time too. I know my other kids weren't quite this active. I felt this one the earliest as well. She's just a very active little one. So much fun, right? :) I'll be curious to see her personality when she's out and as she grows up.

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Mine's not quite as active as DD was at this time - or maybe I'm just not feeling it as much. I'm a bit heavier now than I was with DD and she keeps me constantly on my toes so I think I'm simply not as tuned in as I was last time. It was all new that time, I could relax and really focus on baby and felt quite bonded with her by the time she was moving around. This time I'm busy chasing my (often sick this winter) 2 year old, baby will squirm and I'm like "oh yeah. You're in there, aren't you?!" lol. Part of me thinks I'll be shocked in July/August, as in I know I was pregnant but no one warned me there would be a baby at the end lol. Honestly I'd love to have a mellower child. DD is incredible but she is soooo draining at times. She was a very easy baby and I guess I expected she'd be an easy toddler (probably an oxymoron lol). Argh I just need warm weather and sunshine so I can get her outside to use up some of that energy!!!
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The amount of movement with these guys is not noticeably more than with my kids, who were all singletons. I thought maybe it would be twice as much, I guess.  


But the movement is so different! Probably because of position? They mainly tend to be breech or transverse, with both heads on my right side. Best way to describe it is echoey, I think. Bouncy. Cause instead of feeling the movements as bumps and thumps on my belly, they are stretching and kicking their feet into my butt! Which makes my cervix feel like a trampoline...and I'm not sure is helpful for the 1cm funneling and shortening of my cervix! (We actually saw on one of the measurement u/s, one of the baby's has her little foot heel wedged into that spot...she stretches her leg, and pushed deeper into my cervix.)


Also, something else I've noticed is that they move differently. I'm sure I'm not right every time, but I do feel like I can distinguish their movements. One is much more rolling and slide, or something. The other is much more abrupt and sharp.  

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That's neat monkey princess. :) But, hope that the babies don't cause your cervix to do much at this point. I'm not sure that would make a difference? Hope not.

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This little one is very active as well and we're finally feeling movement on the outside! Interesting though, he really hangs out low. All the movement I feel is mostly right around my bladder area. Not much of a big deal now since his kicks are still so small, but I sure hope he decides to move up some once he gets bigger, otherwise those bladder kicks are going to be unpleasant.
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Lolligee, I was just thinking the same thing! all the kicks I'm feeling are in the bottom, around the bladder

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Ditto on the low kicks, but I think they are moving up. Still, occasionally I get one right in the cervix and that is no fun at all.
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He is super busy too! He seems to get busier when I eat, and when I try to sleep. I can tell when he kicks my bladder, I *almost* peed my pants a couple of days ago when he did that! I feel like most of his kicks are on the inside, like by my butt. It is a strange feeling :) but I LOVE it (for now :))

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I just started feeling a few higher movements, so maybe he's finally decided that being wedged down low in my pelvis is comfy anymore.
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