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high lead levels in child help please.

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so heres the deal, my son 16 months tested at 18 for lead. it was a vein draw not a finger prick. The state called me harrassing me about if his levels get to 25 they shut my house down and we have to move and pay 25 -40 k to remove any lead found. I have removed all toys that could possibly have lead, do not let him play with anything metal anymore ( i had no idea lead was in common things like keys and tools) a health department nurse even called me. luckily since i own the house i have the legal right to refuse all "services" but i am REALLY stressing out right now. 

I cannot afford to pay the money it would cost to delead the house. I know there is lead paint in the window sills and the front door. my children do not TOUCH the window sills, and they have never gnawed on them. i have new windows in place, am removing the few mini blinds i have and am getting a sealant for the several coats of paint that are over the lead paint. there is no chipping and i am hiring a house cleaner that is willing to do the three bucket rule and use my hepa vacuum. (electroluxe) I have put in place a no shoe policy and will be mulching any visible dirt around the house in a few weeks when the snow melts. i will be replacing the tub (porcelain, a couple chips here and there) and getting a water filter, I have him on a strict routine of floradix iron, liquid calcium magnesium zinc and vitamin c chews two times a day. He is no longer consuming any dairy products and has switched to coconut milk yogurt for probiotics. I will be making the pesto recipe in two days, apparently whole foods and trader joes were both fresh out of cilantro but i got all the other ingredients. 

My stress is they want to retest him right away. this makes NO sense to me, because i JUST started all this. i just barely finished cleaning out all the toys. the house cleaners are coming next week and will come twice a month from then on out. i havent even put in my at home water test kit, ive barely had time to breath with all this happening. If the levels test at 25 which is what im scared of i could lose EVERYTHING. anything having to do with the state i am very terrified of. i was taken from my parents at a young age and adopted out through the state so i have this crazy irrational fear of them. Im under the impression it takes a few months for the iron/calcium/vit c regimen to work so why wont they let me GIVE IT SOME TIME? before re testing him and possibly turning our whole world upside down once more? 

i spoke to a homeopath and she wants to give him a  homeopathic treatment OF LEAD. im not so sure how comfortable i am with that considering im trying to lower his levels. 

i just feel like everyone is against me and im trying my hardest to contain the possibility of lead.There is NO financial aid available for us.  

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Ugh that sounds scary! Do look up the info for yourself for your state....dd2 tested positive. I can't remember the exact numbers but it turned out to be on the low side- after the health dept scared the crap out of me! I don't think they threatened to shut my house down but they were very alarming- calling multiple times a day, asking for the address of every house we spent time in, freaking out because the house was built in the '20s.

I don't mean to downplay lead exposure at all and we did repaint, remove carpetsn etc. but I could have done without all the scare tactics to go with it. I did retest after the reducing measures but I did so through a private lab.
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Do they even know it's from the house? Those threats seem very unnecessary. 

Do you ever use tap water to drink or cook? We used bottled water in our house because the city themselves warned us that our pipes going into the house are lead. We have brand new pipes on our property but the part that belongs to the city is still lead. THEY didn't have to spend money to change their pipes, they just advised us not to drink it. 

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Do you have the info for the private lab? id much prefer to go that route so the state stays uninvolved. The Dr. who tested him initially called me today to "express her concern" that we were switching dr's offices because she wanted to do all this other blood work. I really feel like she just targets me because I don't vaccinate and because i had a homebirth with him and when I told her the department of health told me i was doing everything i needed to be doing she was like good i'm glad the department of health was in there looking around. Like wtf?! does this woman NOT want me to have my children or something? 

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I had this house inspected for lead about five to seven years ago, they said it was contained. So i doubt its from the house but this is MA they will do everything in their power to suck your last dollar from you if they can. So all the precautions i'm taking are to get his levels down. i really honestly believe it was because he put things like keys and tools in his mouth that i had no idea had lead in them. Im sure there is lead in the water which is why im getting a reverse osmosis filter. 

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