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Considering a move to Austin, TX next year...

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Please tell me why you love it there. We are a homeschooling family of 4. DH is in the pest control/home renovation/carpentry industry. I'd love to hear what's great about Austin from other like-minded mamas!

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Things I love about the austin area

- Several fun homeschool groups

- Nice mild winters

- Most of the people are very friendly

- the museums, and zoo


Thing I do not like so much, but may not bother you

-HOT summers

- the traffic is always pretty bad on the highways, unless you want to take the toll roads which get expensive really fast in my opinion.

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Austin is a great place to live. In addition to what ancoda said, there are tons of parks and other green spaces.  The people are generally friendly and open.


I will also add that Austin is not a place to move to and then find a job.  You really need to have a job lined up first, as the average rent is higher here than other Texas cities. 

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Just adding my 2 cents. I've lived here now for just over a year. My DH got a job here and we moved. So far, I love it here. I do NOT love the hot summers, especially being from far up north originally, but the fall, spring and winter are all quite nice and there are tons of parks like PP said and places for biking, running, walking, family friendly things. It's very beautiful with a lot of trees and stuff in the outer areas of the city, but even downtown looks pretty good compared to other cities. I'm from the country and I feel comfortable here. I think it's the best of both worlds. I do hate the traffic though. Pain in the butt sometimes, but I think it's worth it. They are more "green" here too. 

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Just popping on to get advice as DH just took a job in Austin and we'll be moving in the next few months (depending on how long it takes for us to sell our house here in MI).

I'm excited and we will be coming in this sat-wed (may 4-8) to start looking for houses...

We are thinking we'll end up in circle c or someplace around there - not too far a commute - but good schools, neighborhood, house size for our price range (mid 300k).


We have 2 kids almost 8 and almost 6 - (will be 1st and 3rd grade next year) we were looking at austin eco school, we have fellow michiganders who recently relocated and are sending their kids there - I'm a little worried about the testing and pressure of the public schools...

DH will be working downtown for the next year, but his company is building a huge new location in East Austin, and we don't want the commute to be horrible, so looking at houses in E austin as well, but not sure of the safety and I know the schools are not great (though seriously considering private or charter schools).


Any advice from seasoned austinites would be welcome!  Neighborhoods you recommend?  Schools to look into?  I have heard good things about Austin Discovery School (charter) but they are full already for the upcoming school year...


Oh, I am a yoga instructor and post partum doula (and part time realtor and crafter) and would love to be in an area with other crunchy/like-minded families (though from what I gather, most of austin is pretty crunchy)....


Thanks in advance for any help!peace.gif

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Thank you for your responses. It sounds like a great place to be. We have another full year where we are. Lots of time to think about it. I have two friends who live there currently, but one does not have kids and the other has kids, but they are grown. They aren't good sources for things all about young kids, homeschooling, etc. DH is in sales in pest control so I'm sure he wouldn't have any trouble finding a job there.

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ChelseaG - I would recommend renting for a while so you can figure those questions out.  The traffic is terrible here, so I would rent in the area you're considering buying in to get an idea of what you're in for.  Rent is pretty high here and houses are flying off the market.  Whether you rent or buy, I would definitely get a real estate agent and avoid Craigslist!

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