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What would you avoid at 12 months and why?

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Here is our vaccination schedule for Ontario: http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/public/programs/immunization/docs/schedule.pdf


My son has been fully vaccinated up until this point but it's getting down to the 12 month shots and I'm getting kind of nervous because I've been spending too much time in the non-vax section wink1.gif

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Non-vavxxer here.


There is a thread in INV that says we are allowed to post in others forums if we do so in support of the forum.


So, with that in mind, I looked at the schedule (hello from Ottawa area, btw!)


I would delay the MMR until post 15 months.  I believe it is more effective, then.  I can get you mainstream links if you like.  

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Thanks, if you have the links that would be great!


I don't mind hearing from non-vaxxers, as long as it isn't to get into an argument. The reason I asked was to get helpful information and not to start a debate, so hopefully it stays clean smile.gif


I was actually thinking on my own to delay the MMR. We'll be traveling 2-3 weeks after the 12 month doctor visit so if something does happen, I want to be able to rule out the trip.

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Sure.  Here are some:






….and lastly, this is really interesting:



"But the study did note that teens in the school who got their first dose of measles vaccine at 15 months of age were more than three times less likely to get measles in the outbreak than teens who got their first shot at 12 months."


Where are you traveling to?  Europe does have frequent outbreaks of measles, whereas  Alberta does not.  

Your intended travel destination  may influence when you give the shot.

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One more….


If you do decide to delay MMR until post 15 months, I would not get the MMRV instead.  Give varicella and MMR separately if you want them both.  


MMRV has a higher rate of febrile seizure than MMR and varicella given separately.




 "7-10 days after the first dose of vaccination, the rate of febrile seizures was about 2 times higher among children who received MMRV vaccine (8.5 per 10,000 children vaccinated) than among children who received measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) and varicella vaccines separately at the same visit (4.2 per 10,000 children vaccinated), mainly before MMRV vaccine became available.

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Thanks, those are really helpful.


We're going to Cuba. Since they have mandatory vaccinations for children, they've eliminated all of the diseases I'd be worried about orngbiggrin.gif

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