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Anyone doing IUI?

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Hey everyone. Anyone doing IUI this month? Or done it in the past? Would love to hear your experiences good or bad. Also Wondering if anyone has gotten pregnant on their first IUI try?  I just had my first one done yesterday. We've been doing 100mg Clomid plus progesterone. They added the trigger shot into the mix too. So far feeling hopeful even though statistics on success rates for iui aren't the best.

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We conceived this month with IUI. Previously (last summer) we had done 3 IUI cycles, none resulting in pregnancy. I hope the first time is the charm for you! 

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Thank you SilaMarila and a huge congrats on your pregnancy! jumpers.gif   Thank you for your encouraging story!

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I haven't started IUI yet.  This past month my HSG revealed a growth that is significantly larger than the RE group usually sees, so they want me to have it out.  I have surgery scheduled for the 2nd of April.  They didn't want to start IUI until I had this taken care og.  It's been such a disappointing month.  We really wanted to start trying- like 2 months ago!  Now we will have to wait until my cycle stabilizes after the hysteroscopy.


Our group of REs says they have a 80% or more success rate within the first 3 cycles of IUI with Clomid.  After that point, they suggest moving on to IVF.  So far we haven't found anything effecting our fertility aside from the growth.  It may have caused some early miscarriages, but it's hard to tell.  Honestly, we didn't even think it would get this complicated this soon.  My husband and I have been trying with charting and care for almost a year and I am 36, so we thought we would just check things out.  Little did we know we'd be starting on the infertility journey.


It's super lonely.  I came on here a few months ago and started reading, after a friend suggested this community.  The worst part is keeping it a secret.  I feel like I want to tell everyone how hurt and sad I feel, but it doesn't feel appropriate.

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Hey, I have nearly the exact same plan as you- clomid, trigger, IUI, then progesterone. This is my third try and currently 5dpo. With the trigger and the progesterone i have lots of symptoms but its all side effects of the meds, which is frustrating! I've had two friends recently have first timers luck with their IUIs so I know that it can happen! FX for you!!
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goatmama- Wow, hope once that growth is out you will be well on your way! Is it a old cyst on your ovary or in your uterus? I hope your cycle springs back quick! They say that HSG is not supposed to upset your cycle but it sure messed with mine!

    This process has been lonely for me too. I've leaned heavily on this online community! We haven't told family that we are even ttc so no one knows. Part of me just can't handle the questioning, you know? I just feel like when there's some news I'll tell ya!  

    My RE gave me the same statistic. He said basically try 4 iui's then move on to something else. Dh's sperm count is high so I've really got my finger's crossed. We've been trying for 1 1/2 years by ourselves then started fertility stuff last December. 


twomommy- I hear ya on the side effects. Before we did meds I could tell early if I was pregnant. No way now! I feel pregnant every time and it screws with you! I can't make heads or tails of any symptom.  Clomid makes me a little weird too. I feel like I don't have a break from the crazies, you know? Wishing you a nice bfp so you can be on your way to baby snuggles! dust.gif

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P.S. goatmama- I love goats too! What type do you have?

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JustJenny - Thank you. Just to clarify, our first 3 IUI cycles last year were with Clomid + trigger. This most recent cycle was an injectable (Follistim) + trigger and progesterone IUI cycle. Best of luck!

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Hi JustJenny!  We raise Oberhasli dairy goats.  I make cheese for the family and sell goats milk soap as well.  We've been raising the goats for 4 years now.  On top of this, I have a really great full time job.  I don't get to sit down very much!

The RE isn't sure what the growth is or how long it has been there.  It is in my uterus, 1 cm, right across from the opening, and they feel concerned that it would disrupt a pregnancy.  So we're having it out.  They have my on BC for this month, which is making me feel really angry, nauseous and the like.  I'm sure it's nothing compared to the Clomid I will be taking next month.  I just walk around feeling frustrated all the time.  My poor husband is so patient with me.  He wants a baby so badly (this is his first, my second: 15 year old daughter).


Best of luck on your new cycles of IUI!!  Keep us updated on how you feel.

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Just yesterday I went in for the follow up with the RE after the hysteroscopy and everything looks good to proceed with IUI this month.  He encouraged me to try injectibles from the start, since I don't have an ovulation issue (that they can see) and Clomid is mainly for anovulatory cyclers.  Has anyone else been doing injectibles for IUI?  I'd love to know your thoughts and experience.  How did you feel?  I'm worried about being an angry lady at work.


Hoping I am part of that awesome statistic of 80% or more success rate with 3 cycles of IUI!

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Goatmama - We conceived our last cycle using Injectables + IUI. I'm now 7.5 weeks :) The injections themselves were super easy! The needle is very thin and only penetrates 1/2 an inch (not like an intramuscular injection). Side effects wise, SO much nicer than Clomid! I really had no noticeable emotional side effects! It became a little physically uncomfortable toward ovulation as I had 4 follicles. This increase in follicles gave us a much better chance and it worked!

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I got pregnant with my now 3 year old via IUI. The first two months I was only on Clomid, plus the trigger shot and progesterone. The 3rd round we did a combo of Clomid and injectables along with everything else, and it worked! We have an appointment this month to get the ball rolling for trying for baby #2. I hope things move quickly again (although 3 months is a lifetime when you are waiting and going through all of this). I hope it happens more quickly though. It is so draining emotionally, at least it was for me. It is so hard to spend all the money and put yourself on drugs that make you feel like a crazy person only to be let down and have to wait and try again! That was the worst part about it all for me. If you are prepared for the emotional roller coaster, you will be just fine. Best wishes to you!
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goatmama- that's awesome news! I bet your relieved to be moving forward. Wishing you a bfp the first time around! dust.gif


SilaMarila- I'm going to mention to the Dr about trying injectables.  I'm having such a hard time with Clomid. My body is responding well- I get 4-6 follicles each cycle- so I don't know how willing he would be. We'll see. Do you give the shots on the same cycle days like clomid?


Ellasmommy10- Thank you for sharing your iui story! Hoping you get that bfp very very soon! dust.gif



Me- well my first iui was a bust unfortunately. I'm on cd6 right now and clomid is kicking my butt. We are trying the same thing again this cycle- 100mg clomid, trigger and 200mg progesterone.

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Just Jenny - Oh wow, that is a lot of follicles on Clomid! Do they all mature and ovulate? How is your lining holding up to the Clomid though? I responded poorly to Clomid in that I only ever got 1 follicle/cycle. Even on 150mg! Since you grow so many follicles on Clomid I'm sure your RE would be hesitant about injectables for fear of over stimulating you. No, you start the injections on CD 3 and continue them until ovulation. I think I did 11 days of injections? I hope this cycle is it for you!

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Sila- My lining is doing excellent so far. It was above average I think he said a 9. Most of the follicles are maturing and ovulating. Last cycle 4 of the 6 I had made it. I'm so frustrated that we haven't been able to conceive again because dh has a excellent sperm count. I just have a sinking feeling that my eggs aren't good quality. I guess we'll find out if/when we move on to ivf. I'm still feeling pretty positive but that nagging feeling just wants to hang around smile.gif

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SilaMarila- Thank you for sharing your experience and hope!  That's wonderful news! Do you know if you are having multiples?  That is one thing our Dr. warned us about injectibles- that it's more likely to have them.  But we've been trying for over a year, and want to have more than one, and I am 36.  I wouldn't mind having multiples!  I was hoping for another home birth (I have a 15 year old who was born at home, and it was such a wonderful experience!)  But we are more interested in having a healthy brood. 


JustJenny- I'm sorry to hear you've been having such trouble on Clomid.  I've heard stories!  I'm hoping this will be quick and easy for us, but I know I have to be prepared for the long haul.  We know that I am ovulating, and tracking and timing everything correctly, and my husband has a great sperm count.  It's just an unexplained difficulty right now. 


EllasMommy10-  Thank you for sharing your story too!  I'm so glad to hear that it worked for you.  I hope your #2 baby happens quickly.  We too are working on #2, with 15 years between for me!  My husband and I were just married 1.5 years ago.  He wants babies so badly and talks about a little boy constantly.  It's so sweet.  My first 13 years of experience with motherhood was as a single mom.  It was so difficult, sad, complicated, but strengthening.  I really feel that a baby would be a very healing experience for me.  We are overjoyed at the possibility!  Good luck to you!

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Goatmama - We don't know yet. We chose to decline the early u/s. Based on my numbers I think it's just one. We are planning a homebirth. If we hear 2 heart beats at 12 weeks we will have to get it confirmed and transfer care. Yes, the risk of multiples is much higher with injectables, even more so than with IVF I believe.

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OK, so anyone else have an abnormally difficult period after a hysteroscopy?  Today will be my 2nd day of follistim- getting ready for first IUI this month.  But gracious- I feel horrible this cycle!  Aches, chills, shooting pains and terrible pains in my stomach.  Even my teeth hurt.  I feel like a truck ran me over!  It's never this bad...  I'm even considering taking a sick day tomorrow.  I just cannot focus. greensad.gif

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goatmama- I had my usually bad period. Maybe with slightly more cramping.  If your fever and chills continue call your doc. I've never taken follistim so I don't know what those side effects are.I wouldn't mess around to long with those symptoms though. Just my .02  Let us know how you improve and how your iui goes!! smile.gif

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goatmamma-  How are you doing? Do you feel any better?


Well, guess what? I got a surprise BFP 5/5 and had a beta test today of 125! Looks like my second iui is a success! joy.gif  I totally thought I was out of the running this month and was preparing myself to do IVF. I had 3 negative tests before I finally got my positive on 15dpo!  I go in next week for a ultrasound to see how many sacs are in there.  Send all your sticky baby dust my way please! I need every ounce.  Here's some for you too dust.gif

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