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Oh that is wonderful JustJenny!!  Good thoughts and well wishes coming your way!


I am feeling better today.  Called the RE and they didn't feel that my symptoms had anything to do with the follistim, since they started earlier that the first shot.  I had a horrible feeling it was a miscarriage, but I think I was over-thinking it.  I was two weeks late, but never had a positive test.  I'm chalking this one up to my body telling me to lay down and stay down!  It's been a really difficult month to say the least....


Doing really well on the shots so far.  No side effects.  Gave one to myself last night.  Much easier than giving a shot to a goat!


Going back to doc tomorrow am for next eval and change in meds.  WIsh me luck- 1st IUI is coming along soon!

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I'm so glad your feeling better. And you are doing so good with those shots! bow.gif  OMG, I couldn't give myself the trigger. Had to have dh do it, lol. I got a funny image in my head of you giving your poor goats shots, lol. Do they take you for a ride??


Wishing you lots of first timers luck on your iui goodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gifdust.giffingersx.gif

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Ugh.  Broken hearted.  Nurse just called to cancel my IUI cycle because my bloodwork showed that I have already ovulated.  She didn't somehow notice that my follicles were measuring smaller than they did on Friday.  Having nothing to compare this to, I have no idea how to feel except: disappointed, sad, like my chest is about to explode. 


I have been achingly tired the past three days.  We did the deed yesterday, as prescribed, but it's possible we still missed our mark.  Ugh.

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Oo no! That just sucks. hug2.gif Were you able to DTD before your O date too?  Have you tried to use opk strips?  With my first iui I had to tell them that I was ovulating earlier than expected so we switched dates. It helped give me confidence that their timing was right also.  Hope you caught that egg any way! goodvibes.gif


Edited to say: Even if you do triggers- which would affect the opk- you could at least determine that you didn't ovulate prior to the trigger/iui. I'm not sure if follistim would affect opk though....

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They told me that they have no way of knowing when I ovulated.  It had to have happened either Sat or Sun, and we DTD on Sunday afternoon, so hopefully we caught it.  Even so, we'd been trying that way for a long time, and it hasn't taken yet (hence the plan to use IUI). 


I know that I have a tendency to ovulate on day 11, and had a feeling about this, but hadn't been tracking because the whole thing was off this month (late period, heavy and weird).  And it was all happening over a weekend.  Today the nurse said they should have prescribed me a suppressant like Lupron, but they hadn't.  I have to question-- if they always prescribe Lupron, why didn't they prescribe it for me?  Now another month and another cycle, and exhausting one, is lost.  I feel angry!

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Sheesh that's quite a oversight! I'd be flamin' mad too. Cuss.gif   When your first starting out with infertility stuff its hard to ask questions because they don't disclose the full protocol or divulge all the different things they can do. I find this makes me so crazy because I am so proactive about my health and will ask them all the why's, you know?  If you had known about Lupron you would have reminded them!!  It just chaps my ass sometimes that people are so lax.  I realize that mistakes are always possible - but- its us that suffers! hug2.gif


Here's some extra baby dust for ya dust.gif

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Thanks for the baby dust!  How are you feeling now, JustJenny?  Any preg symptoms yet?  Hope you are feeling well!

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Feeling pretty good. I really don't have many symptoms yet. My boobs are super sensitive, I've felt a little dizzy and occasionally nauseated but that's only been a few times and didn't linger. Craving salty foods.  I had my first ultrasound Tuesday and got to see my little embryo in there! My progesterone is hangin in there too. The low side of normal but still normal!

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Trying for IUI monthX2 just cancelled.  I have cysts on my ovaries from overstimming last cycle.  I feel horrible about it.  Trying to laugh things off, but it hurts.  The nurse wasn't very friendly or gentle.  She just told me the news like, "You've got cysts lady.  You're not doing anything this month."  Going on BC for the month and feeling very bitter about it. 


The emotional side of trying is the most difficult part.  It's the "in" thing to be pregnant right now in my circle of friends, so I am seeing and hearing about a lot of others who aren't having any problem at all.  I feel like a failure and the reality that there is actually something wrong is starting to sink in.  When we started seeing the RE several months ago, I still believed this would be easy.  They told us most of their patients (80%) conceive within 3 cycles of IUI.  Well, I can't even get to the IUI!


Rainy, teary, bad news day.

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goatmama-hug2.gif big hugs. I'm sorry you had to cancel and had crappy nurse. Did she tell you the measurements and how many?  Where are you at in your cycle? I ask this because if they were on the smaller side you should be able to continue. I know all providers and situations are different but- I had cysts every month. They were small enough I guess that the Dr. didn't worry about them and I started clomid cycle again. They always went away by my ultrasound right before the iui.  I can't believe you have to do bc this month. I'd be sick too.hug2.gif


Edited to add- if I remember correctly didn't your Dr. start you with follistim? You never did a clomid cycle, right? I think I might question that decision, goatmama. 

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Hm, what are the benefits of Clomid over Follistim?

I had started my period (I thought) on Wed. with spotting.  It stopped yesterday, and hasn't come back, no cramps now.  Weird.  But I went ahead with my appt. to get my baseline anyway.  That's when they saw that the follicles that hadn't released, hadn't gone back down yet.  They were visibly quite large, but I didn't get the measurements.  The nurse said this is common after a stim cycle.


They've ordered me Lupron for this next cycle, and I should get it in plenty of time to start before they want to do the IUI.  Meanwhile, if I don't get the period back by Sunday, I'll take a preg test in case that's the story.  At this point, I suppose it's possible.

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In my limited knowledge I thought most people started with clomid as a first course of action.  It is the safest and easiest to control so you don't get overstimulated.  Some people don't respond to clomid at all but at least you could have tried it. IMO it would have been better to try the iui with the clomid first than risking overstimulation. I guess I'm questioning them because I feel like they really screwed up not giving you Lupron last time. I thought it was interesting that they went right into follistim.  Anyhow, what the hell do I know lol.gif  I'm no Dr. Just disappointed for you I guess and want answers for you hug2.gif

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I'm so glad I found this post.  I joined a few months ago for added support but kinda forget to log back on and check things.   My husband and I have been TTC for over a year.  All the tsts show that we are both fine which I think is the most aggrivating thing because my infertility is unexplained.  According to the doctor my husband has super sperm too. :) My doctor had me take Fromara and try it the old fashioned way the first month. Then earlier this month we tried our first IUI. Well Aunt Flow showed up yesterday, which is upsetting seeing that I had nausea everyday for the past week, I'm pretty sure that I have IB, and had headaches all last week.  I go for blood work tomorrow, but it would be nice to know why I can't get pregnant.  


I should add that I was ovulating late and started taking a B complex vitamin which made be ovulate 4 days earlier!! Anyone have any advice on IUI that they could share?? I'm getting discouraged :(.

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jillers- Welcome and big hugs to you. hug2.gif  TTC is such a hard ride. Getting AF after spending the time and money on iui is sooooo incredibly disappointing. Not knowing all the why's adds to the anxiety big time. The only advice I have is to try to stay patient with the process. Iknow that is asking a lot when the clock keeps ticking.  It takes so much to make a little one!  Research shows that iui is most successful when given a little later in your fertile window. It was true in my case. I thought there was no way we got the timing right but here I am 16 weeks pregnant! If you can afford it perhaps try a double insemination. Do 2 inseminations a couple of days a part. Hope that helps. Are you gearing up to do another this cycle or are you taking a break?


goatmama- Would love to hear how your doing? Do you have a update? smile.gif

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JustJenny- Thanks so much for the support.  We are hoping to do another IUI this month but a lot will depend on timing.  I have to take a class for school and cannot leave early or miss it and I have a feeling the my positive OPK is going to end up on one of those days.  Did you do IUI, after how many did it finally take??  I didn't know that they could do a double insemination.  So far, the cost for us has been minimal if any.  My insurance covers 6 months of the drug they have me on and the IUI is covered through insurance for now.  I don't know how long they will keep covering it.  IVF I know is not covered and I'm hoping it doesn't get to that stage.  Congrats on the pregnancy!!

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What kind of injectables are they using and did you ask about them or was that the next step with the doctor? I don't want to step on any toes but at the same time, I'm not getting any younger and we have been TTC for a while.  I want a baby, like yesterday!! Infertility sucks so much... I would not put my worst enemy through all the poking, prodding, testing, and let downs...grrr

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jillers- I got pregnant on my 2nd iui. I was doing 100mg clomid, 1 ovidryl trigger and 400mg of progesterone. It took 2 years of trying to conceive for us. At that time I was set on only doing one more iui before moving on to ivf. We don't have insurance that covers infertility so it was important for us to start saving if we were going to go down that route. Since you have coverage you most likely have much more options than I did. There are so many different options out there with drugs and iui. Let them know that you want them to be aggressive and are open to trying different things.  I am sending lots of baby dust your way. dust.gif  I hope its soon for you too. All the monitoring and hormone changes are so incredibly tough on the body. I wouldn't torture my enemy with them either! In the end - for me it was all worth it....

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Good luck jenny keep us updated

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