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Originally Posted by carmen358 View Post

Great news, Stormi - so happy to hear everything is ok :)


Good to hear you liked your midwife, Jill. We are using the same doula from DD's birth so we are lucky to already have that relationship. I LOL at the non stop talking doula you met...that could be a bit much, I agree!


Cathy, that sounds weird to be having gluten symptoms with food you are used to..definitely could be pregnancy related. Do you have celiac disease? I have never gone to be tested (not a big fan of endoscopies ;) ) Congrats on an almost completely clean and organized home!! We hope to be that way by Tuesday....


The doctor that I was seeing thought I did, but because I went off gluten, its harder to tell unless your having symptoms and I did not want to go back on it.

Originally Posted by Jillgayle View Post


THere has been some around the web lately about "cross-reactivity" and gluten, where the body reacts to other foods as if they were gluten. http://www.thepaleomom.com/2012/10/gluten-cross-reactivity-how-your-body-can-still-think-youre-eating-gluten-even-after-giving-it-up.html

I'm having major GI probs, but that's because i ate gluten. It have got to get myself off this stuff again!

Ugh.  I have been eating this pecan rice bread all week.  It's been easier since DH is on Spring break and maybe my body thinks I'm eating it again.  :(  It's not something that I haven't been eating on a regular basis though.  I guess I need to go more paleo.  Good thing the weather is warming up and there will be lots of fresh local produce to eat again. 


It was horrible too last night I had major cramps, bloating and gas all night.  Not conducive to a good night's sleep.irked.gif

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I'm debating when to do our big ultrasound. I have been thinking I'd wait till 24 weeks just to guarantee a good look at structures. I have spina bifida occulta so, while that form may not show on ultrasound, it's important to me to get a good look.

But I'm debating doing it sooner for what seems a silly reason. The big consignment sale in the area is coming up in just a couple of weeks (I'm 21.5 now). If I knew gender, I could bust my tail to sell what we don't need and might also be able to pick up things we do (I've never had a summer baby!). Money is beyond tight right now (so I don't even know if I can get the u/s redface.gif), but being able to sell things would help a lot.

dizzy.gif And I've never found out before so that whole thing makes me nervous! Thoughts?
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Hey, sorry I haven't checked in for a while - I've been busy dealing with some issues with depression/etc... :(  I'm not sure what's going on for me, but I'm determined to figure it out.  I know that I'm D deficient, so that may be causing it, but it seems to go beyond that.  I'm wondering actually if it might be caused by a Candida overgrowth so I'm thinking about doing a no-yeastie diet and seeing if 2 weeks of that will help...  If not, I'm going to talk to my midwife about it later next month at my next appointment...
Anyway, I am glad to have been feeling LOTS of kicks (nothing crazy yet, but lots of little movements).  And I have my ultrasound in less than 6 days! :D
On the ick side, my SPD is flaring and I'm thinking about getting a 
"support belt" because I still have a good 20 weeks to go!!
LeighPF, wow, now I feel lazy! :p
somegirl, hope you're feeling better!
Jillgayle, how exciting to have your first appointment with the birth center midwives! :D  Glad the appointment went well! :D  Good luck deciding on a doula!
FarmerCathy, good luck to you and the owners on getting the house sold! :D  Sorry about the gluten issues.  I don't know what to say.  I do know that pregnancy makes my guts all weird and foods that wouldn't normally affect me bother me something fierce. :(  Even my anaphylactic allergies seem to be "on edge" (as in I'm reacting to foods I don't think I'm actually allergic to).  Yay for organizing!  I cannot wait to do that...
Edelweiss, wow, I cannot imagine waiting this long to announce!  We always announce that first week after we find out...  But we haven't had any losses - we have been very blessed that way and I know that changes people's opinions... :)  I'm homeschooling my 4 YO too - we've been doing it really loosely this year, but I plan to get the materials for "next year" a little early and probably start in July so we've got a little track record built up before the new baby. :)
carmen, yay for a good appointment! :D  And a great ultrasound! :D
Stormikris, *hugs* for all you're going through!  I have no experience with induction vs natural.  I can say that even natural, two experiences can be very very different - my first VBAC was really "easy", but my second VBAC was incredibly painful and scary.  I think in this case, the difference was in me.  I hope to do more birth prep this time and not rely on having "BTDT" to guide me. :)
Mama505, *hugs* it must've been incredibly hard losing a baby at 18 weeks before!
CrunchyMama, your "vacation" sounds lovely to me. :)
HeatherB, I dunno, it sems you're far enough along to see plenty on the ultrasound.  Practical me says go ahead and do it!  I would have loved to have known before the big consignment sale we had about 2 weeks ago, but it wasn't in the cards timing-wise.  Luckily for me, we basically have everything in both genders for the summer (since I got tons of boy hand-me-downs).
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Thank you ladies. I am going to have to save your post Banana good things to ask as we get nearer. I will be stopping the blood thinner I think they said a month before delivery. Will find out more in the next few appointments I guess.
HeatherB I think as long as you are after 22 weeks you can see everything very clearly on a scan. I like to find out just so I have that extra time to get cheaper clothes they hardly have any gender neutral clothes out there.
Cathy I hope your tummy gets to feeling better, that is no fun although given the choice I would pick that over constipation.
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You guys are inspiring me to get cleaning and organizing! Thanks!

I have been feeling great until today. Has anyone had round ligament pain before?

Wow. I was filling chicken waters this morning and hauling water and I guess I stretched something a little too far. I was in sharp splitting pain all day. I finally got a hold of my midwife and she gave me some suggestions, including a pregnancy support belt and some stretches, which completely took the pain away. I am scared to throw hay tonight though...

Does anyone else have heavier chores to do during their pregnancy?

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Originally Posted by agilesheltie View Post

I have been feeling great until today. Has anyone had round ligament pain before?


Yes, I think it started around week 6... lol.gif  Mine doesn't sound as serious though, mine is more in the moment when I stretch the wrong way or something.  I could see a support belt being beneficial while doing heavier stuff (although don't overdo it!).  My 43 pound son still likes to be hoisted around every so often...ouch.

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agilesheltie, I find that tightening my abs before doing heavy lifting, sudden moves,coughing, sneezing, etc. (when I can) does help reduce the chances of round ligament pain for me.

I still have to haul firewood and my son is about 30 pounds and wants a lot of "pick me up" and gets very squirmy (to reach things).


I'm glad that your MW's suggestions helped!  It's amazing how much it can hurt.

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I agree on the support belt before heavy work. Maybe even warming up.

My chickens nor my kids care that I am pregnant. Neither does the house I have pack up.

:/ jerks XD
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Agile, yes, I loaded 16 bales of hay yesterday and had to park the truck in the garage because there was no way I could unload them the same day! In addition to all the spring equine dental floats I've been doing. I've been getting much more sore from those lately.

I haven't posted much lately, got really busy over the last few weeks. Things have been going well pregnancy wise. Our u/s is next weds! I'm really excited. We aren't going to find out the sex but it will be so nice to see the babe. :-). Feeling movement but its not really strong yet.

In life news, my father in law is moving into the cottage on our property TODAY! I'm sort of dreading it because we don't really agree on much but I am looking forward to help around the place! I'm sure I'll keep you all up to date through ranting.

I will try to do better to be involved here but I'm already having trouble being involved in real life too so I wouldn't hold your breath! :-)
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