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Cast iron cookware?

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Can someone give me their opinion on cast iron pans? Are they truly non stick? How is the lodge brand?

Any info or opinions appreciated!

Thank you
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There was thread about cast iron cookware not too long ago. The concensus was that old cast iron is pretty nonstick, but new cast iron was difficult to use.
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With cast iron the key is to make sure they are seasoned really well before use. They get better with time. Most people use shortening but if you are a vegetarian I found coconut oil works well. Just make sure you are able to ventilate your kitchen since their will be smoke. For a while you should use oil again after cleaning. Do not soak overnight and no dish soap. A trick is to clean stuck on food with wadded aluminum foil. Make sure to dry well to avoid rust.
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Buy your cast iron at flea markets, antique shops, yard sales, etc.  I guess Ebay too, but it will be expensive to ship.  The brand to look for is griswold.  Yes this stuff is old, but is the best made product.  I have slowly gotten rid of all my new cast iron in favor of the old, because it is smooth.  Non-stick may be a stretch, but if it is really well seasoned, it is great.  Here is a bonus, it boost the iron content in your foods.  If you struggle with anemia, cook all your food in cast iron, and it will help.  

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