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staying warm in a crib...

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So far, we've co-slept with my son, but I'd like to start transitioning him to a crib by our bed.  He's 18 months.  How do I keep him warm?  He's got full body pajamas and I do put socks on him and occassionally even a fleece if it's very cold.  I've got some baby blankets and even a small quilt, but none are particularly warm.  We use a heavy down comforter on our bed, and maybe it's totally psychological, but it just doesn't feel right to have him alone in the crib with no body heat from us and no covers.  I'm wondering if I should get him a little crib down comforter?  A wool blanket?   When they're babies, you worry so much about using a blanket.. at what age can you transition to using one?


So what do you all do?  At what age do people start introducing real bed covering?  Or do you just wait until they're older, and just dress them very warmly for now?  Curious what you all do.


Thank you!

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We put another mattress next to ours for DD1 when she was just over 2yo. Prior to that we all shared the same mattress. It has a single bed size doona and sheets on it for her and she is able to manage them well in terms of putting them on and off as she wants. She mostly wants the covers off though so we dress her warmly and she will usually snuggle into DH if she gets cold.
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We're transitioning my almost 14 month old DD to her own bed.  For many months we tried the crib mattress on the floor thing but it never really worked for us.  We got her a little toddler bed from Ikea and she is doing very well on that.  We have it basically side car to our bed on the floor now, the toddler bed and our mattress are basically the same height.  She has a thin little pillow and a thin little fleece blanket.  She has been in the bed with us since day one, so I knew in advance what she does with pillows and blankets.  In the bed with us since maybe 9 months old she always pushes the blanket off of her and tucks it under her arm and this is what she does in her bed.  I started putting her in her bed for naps, laying her on her back on a little pillow and found that she sleeps really, really well like this so I lay her down like this for bed now too.  What have you noticed he does with blankets in bed with you?  Also, I've found that often little ones like to be cooler than we think... I do think pajamas and even a thin quilt may be warm enough.... If he gets cold, he will let you know!

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Our DD is 2 y.o. but has been in her crib for about a year now. She gets a little crib-sized quilt since it got chilly in the fall (at about 18 m.o.) and now also a pillow and she does well with that. She will move her pillow around as it suits her, the blanket she mostly kicks off though when she's bouncing around in her sleep. I do find that she tends to get quite warm when sleeping, I noticed that when we were cosleeping. Maybe try with the small quilt you have and see how he feels when you check on him in the night, if his neck and hands feel hot or cold or just right.


Also, we used to keep the heat in our house quite low at night in the winter and since DD has been around we've brought it up. It used to be 16.5C (about 62F) and now it's 19C (about 67F).

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My DD has been sleeping in a sleeping bag ever since our fall camping trip. She loves it and I know she's cozy warm. It's a kid sized Kelty bag, rated to at least 30 degrees. My DD likes having blankets perfectly covering her and freaks at night if they get rumpled or uneven, so the sleeping bag has been a godsend.
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DD co-slept with me til she was 4mos then moved to her crib, it was her choosing as she prefered to be able to move and I guess I hugged too much whistling.gif


But I had her in a sleep sack for a while, and when she outgrew that, I put a blanket over her, probably around 5mos.  She was fully capable of moving things away from her face and pushing herself away, even from a much younger age, so I honestly never worried.  She's 16mos now, sleeps in footie jammies or wears socks, no blankets anymore as she just tosses them out of bed, and we have an infrared heater that runs in her room as she's over an unfinished basement that's also a walk out so there's no dirt on the two foundation walls under her room and it's easily 5 degrees colder than the rest of the house which we keep around 68.  I did notice when cosleeping that she was like a hot water bottle and put off a LOT of heat.  Even now if she sleeps in our bed I can't put any blankets over her bc she kicks them away, so she will sleep on top of the comforter.

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At 18 months and cold nights I would use the thick pjs with footies and one warm blanket. If that didn't feel warm enough then I'd remove some blankets from my bed and turn up the heater.
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Our 2 1/2 year old still sleeps in his crib. He sleeps with a small  toddler pillow and a light toddler throw blanket. We also always put long sleeve pj's on him and socks. Our daughter is 15 months old and we still put her in a sleep sack. 

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