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Online baby clothes suggestions-help me simplify?

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I am reading suggestions about what kinds of clothes are needed. It seems like I need onsies & maybe the kind that doesnt go over the head for smaller sizes, long/short sleeve. And some gowns/sleepers.Maybe some pants or leg coverings. Where do people who buy there own online get these? I want all cotton. I cant get a sense for what prices are.Are there easy websites people like? I cant go in used clothes stores right now-the smell is so bad+ last one i went to, they had no bathroom! I just want to get an idea how much this is going to cost, for like the first year at least.
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I prefer one piece suits for babies until they're walking really. I don't bother with shirt and pants at all (except the ones given as gifts). Style depends on your climate and the season. I am in a hot climate so I get mostly short-sleeved or sleeveless with some long-sleeves for winter and some full length with feet for sleeping. I don't use socks or mittens or hats (except a sun hat).


i haven't bought online but places like K-mart and Targrt usually have cheap, nice cotton baby things. I'm in Australia though and our prices are very different so it probably wouldn't mean much if I told you pricing for here.

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Since your babe is due in summer, I would start with 6 or 7 of each of the following in 0-3 mo and 3-6 mo to start:


Short sleeve onesies (almost all of them go over the head, which is really annoying)

Long sleeve onesies (zippers are easier than snaps, in my opinion)

A few swaddle blankets


If you can do laundry every other day, 6 or 7 should be plenty (even with our super spitty baby, we only changed her two or three times a day at the worst).  I wouldn't get newborn sizes because they just grow out of them quickly.  And putting a baby in a sloppily oversized onesie is not that big of a deal.  We had our newborn daughter in 3 month onesies that were hilariously oversized because we just liked them.  They don't move a lot at that age anyway, so being oversized isn't a big deal.


I never used sleepers or gowns at that stage (gowns were a pain, to be honest).  Pants are still too much of a pain for me, so I definitely wouldn't buy any for a newborn.  You could invest in a cheap pair of baby legs (or make your own) to keep little legs warm in the short sleeve onesies, but I think those were more cosmetic than actually useful until they start crawling.


Pricing is going to differ dramatically for everyone.  Carters just recently had a 50% off sale, so you'd be getting onesies for around $3-4 depending on how much shipping costs.  That happens somewhat often, so you can keep an eye on those kinds of sales.  Walmart.com and Target.com would be cheapest and they have inexpensive all-cotton onesies, but they're lower quality.  The lower quality doesn't matter much because they don't have a lot of wear on clothes at that age anyway.  Generally, buying in multiple packs is cheaper than buying in singles.  I think you can get a multi pack of Gerber onesies for around $10 so it works out to like $2 a onesie.

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