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Geting induced :(

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So they've been following my amniotic fluid level for the past few weeks and now it's at 6.4, which they say is too low.  I'm scheduled to go in for an induction Tuesday night into Wednesday.  At least I made it to 38 weeks this time.  :(


I'm going to try to get with an acupuncturist Monday and Tuesday to see if they can help get things started naturally. 


I've had a plethora of "high risk" issues with this pregnancy (I'm 46, prediabetic, bipolar-but-stable, positive tox screen, now the amniotic fluid thing....) and I'm just tired of fighting. 


I was looking forward to the last two weeks of this pregnancy to just get my head together about this kid coming out of the womb.  Now it's all rush rush rush. 


Thanks, Mamas, for all the support so far, and wish me luck.

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hug.gif I know it must be very frustratimg. Hang in there! We will be thinking of you and your baby. I hope that things go well for you!
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hug2.gif It's so frustrating, isn't it? We're thinking of you! Wishing you the best!

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Hoping for the smoothest induction possible for you! We will all be thinking of you. grouphug.gif

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Will be thinking of you!!! Wishing you the smoothest induction possible!!! (Hugs))
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Hope all goes well, mama!
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I hope everything goes smoothly! Maybe they could take you off the Pit if your contractions get going strong? It's not like they can't just hook you back up again if things fizzle.

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Crossing fingers for a straightforward induction and a healthy and happy labor/birth!!

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Good luck! I hope things go smoothly for you. I am thinking of you.

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Good luck, Seth's Mommy. We will be thinking of you.
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Good luck!!
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