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Dear heartburn,

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I hate you, please leave me alone. Don't call, don't write, not even a Christmas card. My parents never liked you either. You have become overbearing and frankly narcissistic, I mean, does everything have to be all about you you you?? From now on I'll be avoiding all the places where you hang out, no more pizza places with their iceberg lettuce "salads" no more spaghetti, no hummus or burritos or garlic. No delicious spicy Indian or Thai food either. Fine. No chai tea with cloves. I'm washing my hair of you, even if I have to eat white rice for the next three and a half months.
Talk to the hand mister.
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Can I sign your letter too? Heartburn has been so much worse this time! Unless pregnant, I only very rarely get heartburn and usually not that bad even when pregnant. Definitely not the case this time. Bleah!
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Dear Wrenmoon and Lolligee

but I LOVE YOU!!



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I have it bad too. Even when I drink a glass of water.... It keeps me up at night. I never knew heartburn could be so painful. 

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Right there with you ladies....especially water, and ESPECIALLY if I drink that said water on an empty stomach! If I then bend over to pick up our 16 month old, I'm in even more trouble!!! Ugh, glad to not be alone in my pain, but wish none of us had to suffer so!
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