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Organic Mattresses

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Hi Dr. Sears,


I recently started researching mattresses for our little one and my head is spinning from all the information I've been reading! I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding regular conventional and organic. Do you feel they're dangerous? Is there any particular brand that is 'better' than others when it comes to regular mattresses? How long would your recommend airing out a new mattress before using it? Do you feel that an organic mattress cover would help when it comes to offgassing? If not too personal, have you purchased organic or regular conventional mattresses in the past? 

Sorry for all the questions.


Thanks so much for your time. smile.gif


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Yes, I think it is important to buy an organic mattress for a young child.  I will admit, though, that I haven't bought any for my older kids. BUT, if I was having more babies, and when MY older kids start having babies, you'll bet that I will go organic. It's very important to minimize chemical exposures early in life while the brain is developing.

However, I don't know what the best brands are or exactly what to look for.  I can't help you there.  I'll be doing this research in the next several years, possibly, but just don't know yet.

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Thank you so much for your response Dr. Sears. Do you feel that an organic mattress cover would help? I've been researching organic mattresses and am hoping to find one that we can afford at this time (struggling with a single income). I do plan on purchasing one as soon as we're able to but in the meantime, would airing out a new mattress for a period of time and putting an organic mattress cover over it help with offgassing? If not I've also been contemplating using an older mattress that we have in a guest bedroom until we can afford to purchase an organic one. Do you feel that this would be a safer choice?


Thanks again. smile.gif


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I would think an older one, with a DUST proof cover, would almost be better. Less chemicals maybe? Honestly, I just don't know. i would air out a new mattress, but I don't know for how long. An organic mattress cover would probably help, but I just haven't researched that to really know how useful that is

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Thanks again so much for your time Dr. Sears. I really appreciate it. smile.gif

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I bought an organic one. It is called naturepedic. Little pricey, but think of ALL of the hours your little ones spends sleeping on it!
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