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BTDT moms: the movement thread

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Those of you who are on your 2+ pregnancy, at how many weeks did you feel movement with prior pregnancies?  I'm curious.


This is baby #3 for me.  With #1, I felt movement at 14 weeks, and NO ONE believed me at all.  I was sitting at my desk at work and I felt this weird blip/poke, and I didn't think much of it until a week later when I felt it again, and again, and then I was sure.  He was a really active baby (and is a really hyperactive kid...it starts young!!)


With #2 I felt movement around the same, 13-14 weeks, but it was lighter because her placenta was anterior.  It was more subtle and I probably would have missed it if I hadn't felt it before.  I'm a pretty sensitive person (sensory processing disorder, really hyper-alert to touch) so I think this made me a little more aware of the feeling of movement.


So I'm excited to only have maybe only 6 weeks to wait to feel movement this time luxlove.gif  It's the best part of being pregnant--for me, pretty much the only part I like.

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You know - it's been so long, I can't even remember. I do remember that it was quite early, and like you, nobody believed me. Can't wait to feel that feeling again! love.gif

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With preg #4 I felt a bit of quickening at 14-16 weeks..I didn't really feel kicks too much until 18 though. I think, anyways.

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With ds about 16 weeks. With dd maybe 18 weeks. Love, love, love feeling movements!

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I didn't feel anything with DS until 22 weeks because of an anterior placenta. I about went crazy waiting for that first kick!
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I felt flutters like little goldfish at 12 weeks. No one believed me, but as it got more frequent over the next couple of weeks, and then stronger, I knew that's what it was.

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I've always felt movement between 12-14 weeks... Hoping this time is the same!

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With #3 I felt the teeniest of flutters at 10 weeks, I swear it!

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With ds1 I started feeling tapping at around 12w. With ds2 it was about the same but it was much harder to feel so I doubted myself for weeks.
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I really do love when the baby starts making their presence known. I tend to feel between 17 and 20 weeks. I have a very tilted uterus and was told that this makes it harder for me to feel. Like the baby has to really kick for me to feel anything; that starts around week 17 for me.
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Ok, so I think I am starting to feel the teeniest of flutters. 9 weeks today. I felt them starting at 10 weeks with DD. The only way I can explain it is its like a bubble is floating in my uterus and touched the wall. I usually have to be sitting at my computer or in the car to feel it I guess because of the position. So exciting!

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I can't remember exactly, but with my last pregnancy I think it was around 14 weeks. He was (and still is!) a very active little one. I can't wait to feel those first little flutters with this baby!

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With my second pregnancy, I started feeling funny tracing feelings, like tiny fingers along the inside of my stomach, really early, like 10 weeks.  But after I miscarried it seemed pretty clear that no baby had ever really developed, so I guess those feelings were just actual bubbles.  Since I've been feeling the same feeling since about 4 weeks this time, yeah, I'm going to have to mark those off my list.  *shrug*

My journal from last time seems to be telling me that I don't feel real believable movement until about 18 weeks or so.  But I do LOVE it!  It's my favorite part, definitely.  I have a friend who's due in late May, and I was so excited for her the other week when I realized she had to be feeling movement by now.  :)  I think she was laughing at me.

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I was around 18 weeks with #1 and 11 weeks with #2. No one believed me about that one, but I knew I could feel him. Nothing yet this pregnancy but I'm only 7 weeks.

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I totally felt something yesterday.  I dismissed it until I came back to this thread and read all of your early experiences.  So cool!  I'm ten weeks today so very early for me :)

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