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Not sure if I'm a solid liberal or not but I'm very close. I really don't care about politics and you don't have to be any one thing to be my friend. I'm generally a nice gal who just thinks too much. Oh well.
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BROOKS!!  I have not fact checked this article at all but it's right up your alley...you're gonna love it, I think: 




According to Salon: “The Koch brothers have decades-long connections with ALEC, which gave the brothers the Adam Smith Free Enterprise Award in 1994.” 


And their influence in shaping the narrative of opposition to the Common Core, and what might take its place when it’s been abolished, must be noted.  ALEC- driven monetary and ideological influence can be found in the organizations funded by the Koch Brothers such a Heartland Institute and Heritage Foundation.

Sure they’re against the Common Core. That’s great. But before I align forces with anyone I always ask–what are they for?

It is tempting to ally with such vocal and well-funded organizations to fight CCSS…. but know well their alternatives: ALEC members advocate for the elimination of public education. ALEC members might claim to oppose CCSS in spite of the numerous ALEC corporations who have funded it, but they are also the originators of legislation to bust unions, and to turn public schools into someone’s stock market portfolio. Of course the obvious motive for some ALEC members to be “for reform” and CCSS (i.e. Jeb Bush and Walton) is profit.


ETA: The term "shaping the narrative" is especially well used here.  

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National advocacy groups powered by the Koch brothers and other conservative megadonors have found a new cause ripe with political promise: the fight to bring down the Common Core academic standards.


The groups are stoking populist anger over the standards — then working to channel that energy into a bold campaign to undercut public schools, weaken teachers unions and push the federal government out of education policy. 

 A draft action plan by the advocacy group FreedomWorks lays out the effort as a series of stepping stones: First, mobilize to strike down the Common Core. Then push to expand school choice by offering parents tax credits or vouchers to help pay tuition at private and religious schools. Next, rally the troops to abolish the U.S. Department of Education. Then it’s on to eliminating teacher tenure.
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Which article did I post have the Koch brothers in it? I'm so confused.
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ALEC also supports the common core. I'm confused.
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Originally Posted by slbrooks View Post

Which article did I post have the Koch brothers in it? I'm so confused.

If you post an article and it uses the words "Patriot", "Freedom", "States Rights" - these are tells that you are posting from a TP site. I can go back and tell you which sites you shared are TP sites but as you continue to read I think you'll start to see the bias in various sites. If you finish that article about the politics of CC, they get into some the lingo. As does that big Pugh article. 



Originally Posted by slbrooks View Post

Not sure if I'm a solid liberal or not but I'm very close.  

I believe this is the case as well (at least from a few things you've said).  I sensed early on that this topic is really stressful for you and that you are struggling yourself and are struggling with your children's relationship with school. The thing is that I believe that there are some people who grabbed on the anti-CC movement because they need a passionate base for voting and fundraising. These people want to see CC fail and in some ways want to see public services in general fail - like public school. These are the Koch Brothers and people like them who are pulling the puppet strings on the Tea Party and by reading and accepting their narrative and promoting their links, you as well. These are not your friends. 


Almost everyone on this thread has acknowledged some conflict with CC.  There are some totally valid gripes about CC from groups who, even if they doubt it will, would love to see Common Core work out for our kids and whatever happens will support public education and do what they can to make things work. These are our friends. 

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Wait one minute CC is going to be what fails us. By training our children to be mini-adults!
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Brooks, this is an info graphic - maybe this will be more to your liking: http://prezi.com/3vucotpxbnfs/freedomworks-educational-freedom-campaign/

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What does TP mean?
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I am sorry I cannot read that even with doing a control +.
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Tea Party. Did you read the links I provided?  Aside from the one Pugh article, which was quite long but very interesting, all were short. Please don't let the first paragraph of articles through you off.


The info-graphic is from Freedom Works. It is their plan for education reform that includes doing way with CC and ending the National Board of Education. This is an organization that panders well to the base but is not looking out for you.  

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Okay if you are talking about the Tea Party they have tried to stop common core from what I understand from Kris's book but failed but that's why it is a grassroots movement.
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Um I read all of it I'm not sure why you guys are so against Freedomworks. I liked them on FB and have visited their website.
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I think the problem is that we don't get a vote on the downright nasty and swift change to our educational system that took place when the states sold us out to common core. I would like to vote on issues and not politicians but you call that philanthropy. I'm going to have to look that word up! What's wrong with voting on the issues? Or at least some of them. Obamacare is one.
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The war is another big topic. Would most Americans really want a war?
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I am not so desperate for support in my efforts to fight CCSS that I will fight alongside any group or ideology that simultaneously is working to dismantle everything I stand for in public education.  Do you think simply because Scott Walker is now against Common Core that makes him the friend of activist-educators? 

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Originally Posted by slbrooks View Post

Um I read all of it I'm not sure why you guys are so against Freedomworks. I liked them on FB and have visited their website.


These are not your thoughts on the article. I will happily discuss an article with you - this one in particular because I think it does a good job of reflecting one the recent topic of this thread. I will happily also discuss another article of your choosing.  

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Explain to me whats wrong with Freedom Works first.
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In 2004, Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) and Empower America merged to form FreedomWorks.

CSE was founded by prominent right-wing funder David Koch in 1984.

- See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/freedomworks#sthash.1yQq9PPO.dpuf
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