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micah if you feel good it can only be good :)


I feel great too, finally feeling comfortable in some (yoga lol) pre-pregnancy pants! Today is very rainy day, did some exercice at home, hopefully it will clear up and I can go for a jogg or a walk with baby!

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today i managed a good swim session, am glad i went (i tried decluttering instead of going swimming lately ... but haven't progressed far in the decluttering anyway, without the benefit of the exercise session !)


tomorrow am going to clean the top of the fridge and the top of the cabinets in the kitchen; that involves getting the ladder, getting up and down the ladder and swinging arm movements for the cleaning part so i'm going to count it as exercise !!!


have just had a bowl of porridge + blueberries

hoping i'm going to resist mindless eating & need to drink my herbal tea now !

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Day 2 of tracking what I'm eating using MyFitnessPal. So helpful! Seeing it all laid out totally helps keep me motivated to eat well all day, even through the night time cravings. I have a much better sense of when I can have a treat or when it might better to have an herbal tea. I haven't been exercising much this week. I hurt my shoulders (so badly!) wearing dd in the ergo. I'm not totally sure why it happened but I think it had to do with the fact that the strap across the back wasn't adjusted quite right and she leans back a lot. I think I should be fine in a few more days. It's difficult to find time to do any other exercise before work while I have dd. She won't sleep in the stroller for me these days. It must be a phase. Does anyone have any suggestions? Putting her in a carrier for her nap works so well because I am so pressed for time and she usually nurses to sleep, she doesn't lie down on her own.
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I love MFP! I find it super easy to track my food and exercise and I have encouraging friends on it. I also like some of the groups for great advice.
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I'm using MFP as well. It's been really helpful. Lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks. Still need to add more protein. My percentage is too low.
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I was bad last night... Food-wise... Now the scale hates me :(

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I decided to switch it up and am going to do some turbojam instead of turbofire/p90x hybrid. I get bored WAY too easily with these exercise dvds... but I think the switch will do me some good.


"Variety is the spice of life!" - Tony Horton (True that, Tony! True that.) lol.gif

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The scale didn't seem to mind 2 days of Buttery Bread Bingeing (affectionately known as BBB).  Fresh buttermilk biscuits (all mine, apparently) and yesterday a buttery chocolate croissant.  Good for the spirit.  Now, back to lettuce-wrapped tacos!

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Arggggg! My FIL had to bring some pastries from a Mexican bakery he went to for lunch. There were good....but now I feel guilty... guilty.gif

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Good for you SweetSilver! YES, we should be able to indulge a little bit, my problem is that I over did it. See, it's Festival time here in NOLA (although it seems to be all-year long) and there was looots of eats and drinks... Will do better next week!

Love the idea of lettuce wrapped tacos :)

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Originally Posted by Jaxy View Post


Love the idea of lettuce wrapped tacos :)

If you can find butterhead lettuce, those are the best leaves for them, because they are cup-shaped (though more delicate for hot foods).  Chicken curry is good in them, too, on days where a tortilla or chapati is off the menu (I like it with non-fat plain yogurt and eggplant relish--the kind you get in jars next to the chutneys).  Chicken salad with curry dressing, grapes and dried cranberries sounds good, too.  Anything and everything goes in lettuce.  Vietnamese wraps can be especially light and delicious, though I'm allergic to rice.  But meat and fresh veggies and herbs.... mmmmmmmm!

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hmmmm all that sounds yummy!!! I'll definitely try those, since I'm trying not to eat bread lettuce is a great replacement! Love the Vietnamese wrap with shrimps and mint!!!

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An added suggestion to put mango chunks on top of the chicken curry wraps.  Just had that for lunch today.... with a tortilla today, though.  Yum!  But...why does spicy food give me the hiccups?


Managing to finish the week having done my yoga every day.  Even though my weight is still up, I look so much better, holding myself (and those unruly abs) in a better way.  That's making the extra weight look less cumbersome.  Off this afternoon to do some heavy weeding at our old house/rental.  Being optimistic about tomorrow's weigh-in, but last week I was down more than 2 pounds mid-week, but settled in at only one pound down.  Oh, well.  That's the goal, isn't it?

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Wow, I forget how yoga does good! Thx for the suggestions, will try ASAP!


I'm really disappointed in myself... I lost 4 pounds last week and was so proud but I think I gained 2 back... But tomorrow is another day and hopefully I'll be feeling better and be more motivated! Just made my lunch: Kale salad with shredded carrots, chickpeas and quinoa! That should be good :)

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Surgery tomorrow morning. I'll weigh in and post before I go. Not sure how much exercise I'll get this week. The incisions need to heal first. Next week, I start physical therapy again and walking.

The lettuce wrap idea sounds good. I'm a vegetarian, so I'd have to find another protein, other than meat and tofu.
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Monday morning here and I have lost 600g. A bit short of the kg/week I was hoping for but pleased with the loss.

I just back from a 30min walk carrying a baby and pushing a toddler in the pram.

This week I'm hoping to do at least one yoga session. So far my only exercise has been walking and I really need some strengthening a d flexibility in the mix.

Good luck to everyone for their weigh-ins. And all the best for your surgery, AmandaMarie.
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169.8. I was 166 midweek but slipped a bit.
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136 today adding the exercise back in is helping me remember my goals.

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213. Same.

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